The Ride

A few people have been asking me for details of the ride its self, so without further a do, here is the route:

Cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats, the furtherst possible distance in the British Isles, i’ll be pedalling my way through Cornwall, Dartmoor and north along the welsh border, skirting the Lake District into Scotland via lochs and the Highlands to the North Coast and John O’Groats.

In all we will cover roughly 900 miles, passing through some of the most stunning and remote countryside in the British Isles.

Day 1: Land’s End – Liskeard. Distance: 80 miles

Heading east towards Penzance, cycling along the sea for a short stretch passing St Michael’s Mount. A few long climbs and some short steep ones. Then its heading inland towards Truro and St Austell, before Cycling towards Liskeard.

Day 2: Liskeard – Tiverton. Distance – 77 Miles

On day 2 I cross Dartmoor, which is considered the most challenging section of the ride. Covering the rolling hills in Devon, through Tavistock, where there is a steep climb onto Dartmoor itself. The views are fabulous on a clear day (as its me, I expect it will piss down!) climbing towards Two Bridges. Then its a descent into Postbridge, then a climb again. After the Moors we cross Exeter and on a quiet road to Tiverton.

Day 3: Tiverton – Tintern. Distance – 96 Miles.

The cycle north continues into Somerset, passing Wellington and Taunton. Through back roads to Cheddar, thankfully avoiding the Gorge! We come to the outskirts of Bristol and the Estuary, taking the Avon Gorge cycle path up Avonmouth to the Severn Bridge. Then its into Wales! Through the Wye Valley and into Tintern for the night.

Day 4: Tintern – Shrewsbury. Distance – 96 Miles.

Following the Wye to Monmouth, crossing north to Herefordshire. Crossing into Hereford into Shropshire, into Hope Valley. A short run into Shewsbury and the hotel.

Day 5: Shrewsbury – Preston Distance 92 Miles

A ride through Shrewsbury, before crossing the Severn again. Thankfully today is the first really flat day! Then its onto Preston

Day 6: Preston – Carlisle Distance 90 Miles

The last full day on English soil! Crossing Preston noth to Lancaster, cross into Cumbria and peddle on through Kendal (hopefully for some cake!) Then its onto Shap Fell, for a lovely 100 foot climb! Then its onto Carlisle.

Day 7:  Carlisle – Kilmarnock distance 100 miles

Heading north from Carlisle we cross into Scotland, past Gretna Green. then its onto Kilmarnock through picturesque countryside

Day 8: Kilmarnock – Inverary

West to the Firth of Clyde. Following the coast road before a ferry to Dunoon.

Day 9: Inverarary – Spean Bridge distance 85 Miles.

Get to start with a long climb marvelous with views of the Isle of Mull. Apparently this is one of the most beautiful parts of the ride.

Day 10: Spean Bride – Bonar Bridge. Distance – 99 Miles

Another day of Highland Scenary (read; another day of chuffing climbs!) However one of the bits i’m most eagly looking forward to as we pass the Commando Memorial. Then we pass Loch Ness where i’ll claim to see Nessy!

Day 11: Bonar Bridge – Thurso distance 85 Miles

Last full day! Apparently this is another hard day! Heards of red deer and golden eagles will bethe  only real company. passing the Forest of Naver. The most sparsely populated region in Northern Europe, so if i get a flat i’m fucked!

Day 12 Thurso – John O’Groats Distance 30 Miles

We take a detour to Dunnet Head, the most northernly point in Scotland, then to the Finish!


One thought on “The Ride

  1. Sure you will do it Russ. When in doubt. Just remember why you Re doing it. We all are so proud of you even to attempt this x

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