18 Years ago my family and I experienced one of its darkest days whe my dad, Alan committed suicide. Its a day i’ll never ever forget and the reprecussions of that day had a massive impact, for better or worse in making me the person I am now.

I was only 11 years old and had no idea on how to deal with the situation. I was lucky that my mum was amazing and thought of me and my Brother, Stu before anything else though and got us sent to an event organised by Winston’s Wish. At the time it was a small local charity, designed to help young children dealing with the death of a loved one.

Without Winstons wish I’m not sure I would have got through those dark times.

I’ve long thought of doing something to honour my dads name and give back to the charity that helped me so much. Well now i’m finally doing it! Next May 2012 I will be cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats. This trip will either result in my demise or a large amount of money being raised for the charity!

This is a big undertaking for me, I’m not the fittest and i’ve got 14 months to get into cycling shape! Its going to be a long painful trip, and I can imagine my old man making some sarcastic remark about how stupid I am!

That’s wear you all come in, I’m going to need your support and encouragement on this journey, but most of all I’ll need your money! It’s a great cause and even just a fiver can help the charity massively!

Thank you for reading and for supporting this great cause,





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