No mud run till September

So given the appalling weather conditions it is not a shock to find out that the mudrun has been postponed. I’ve now been rescheduled to undertake the run in September. So whilst disappointing, this frees up my focus to now being on cycling.

Given the weather conditions training is proving a bit tricky! I was hoping to get out on the bike a bit more, but well the weather is making that a challenge. So currently I’m a tiny bit behind on the pacing I need to be for running with 107 Miles done, leaving 642 Miles to go. This leaves me an average of 14 miles a week to do.

Cycling I’m way behind on. I’ve done 97.68 Miles leaving me 2402 miles or 55 Miles a week. Given the weather this is going to be tough.

All I can do I think is just keep chipping away at the targets so I don’t fall to far behind in the targets. In between I’m doing some basic exercises on my app on the phone to try and tone up my core. This should help with my ability to peddle faster, or so I keep training myself.

So in short, its a bit of a challenge and set back so far, but i’m still chipping away at stuff and am determined to hit my target. I genuinely feel my fitness is getting better and it is all going to help i’m sure. If it raises money for Winston’s Wish then all the better.


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