Update 18.02.18 (In short I still have lots to do)

Money Raised so far: £155

Where can you sponsor me?


Goals set:

Cycle: 2500 Miles to include 2 100 mile rides

So far: 68.3 Miles

Mileage needed each week to hit target: 52 Miles

Rides planned: Cotswold Bike Ride, Jurassic Beast, Ride London

Run: 750 Miles to include 2 half marathons.

So Far: 87.3 Miles including one half marathon.

Mileage needed each week to hit target: 14.4

Runs Planned: Mud Run

So if the above tells me anything, its two things:

  1. I’ve a lot to do still to hit my targets and;
  2. I’m an idiot for setting these targets in the first place!

But I’m committed to doing it and do you know what I’m actually enjoying the training.

I’m behind where I’d like to be with the cycling, but I finally got out on a couple of rides this week and it was great to get back out on the bike. Doing Portway and Whiteshill in a 25 miler training run was probably one of my poorer life choices though! This was followed by a 44 miler yesterday. So this has reassured me that my legs still have distance in them. But I need to start upping it and if i’m serious about clocking a time under 6.30 hours on a Century ride this year, I need to start working on my pace.

So i’ve signed up to the BHF Cotswold Bikeride in May and intending to do the Wiggle Jurassic Beast that month too. If I can find a couple of others, that should put me in good shape for the the Ride London. On that note, I’ve booked the accomodation and me and my lovely wife are planning a few days after to celebrate (hopefully!) I’m starting to look forwatd to it and this week has been a reminder of just how much I love being on my bike.


I’ve still been getting out running, just not as long distance wise and just ticking over. I’ve been getting out on lunchtime at work and this is a good way to sneak in the miles and also let of steam and escape the desk! I’m amazed how much I’m enjoying an activity I used to hate.

The mud run is two weeks today and i’m really looking forward to it, whilst wishing I had a few more people doing it with me. But you never know some of you may feel moved to join me, after reading this.

I still need to do at least one more half and still believe I can knock a few minutes off my PB of 1.51.50 but I bet everyone thinks that!


In addition to this I’ve done a long walk with Em which is always nice. We are also looking into getting back to swimming, which might lead me into another dumb event idea, but that’s another story…

Rugby is kinda taking a back burner to my other stuff, but i’ve had a couple of games and still enjoy playing touch.

In short I’m currently trying to capitalise on my fitness bug I seem to have, but am a bit behind where I’d like to be. Its about getting the balance right I guess and I’ll get there. As the day stays lighter for longer that’ll make it easy.

The Fundraising:

So far i’ve raised £155 which Is a great start and thanks to anyone who has sponsored me so far, but i still want more so please sponsor me on the link above. Even a £1 can make a massive difference.

Thanks for reading and i’ll be back to bore you to tears again soon!


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