Getting off my bike… but only for a spot of running

So another year has been and gone. It had its ups and downs as the flow of time always seems to have, but on the whole I’m excited to see what the new year will bring me. A lot of running by the looks of it!

So in addition to the Mud runner I’m doing, I will also be doing the Gloucester Half Marathon on the 14th January! This will be the furthest I’ve run ever! Last month I racked up 86 Kilometres including a 10 mile run. I’ve really surprised myself with how much i’ve enjoyed it.

A particular highlight was running with a good mate up Robinswood hill in the snow, as you can see this took its toll:



We then had a run on New Years day. Its been fun doing something different and getting into something I never thought I’d enjoy.

I’m trying to get myself in the best shape for each of the events and the different challenges they present and bring me. I’m aiming to just get round on the runs to set myself a time to aim for in future events. The bike ride I want to set a good time but not sure what yet.

The fundraising has been good so far. I’ve already raised £70 of the £250 target I’ve got to hit for the Ride London. I’d obviously love to go beyond that amount as much as possible!

So over the next few months I’ll try to update more but thus far, the training is going well, and i’m excited to see how much I can raise so please keep donating and i’ll keep signing up to do stuff!


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