Be excellent to each other.

So another year comes to a close.

And you know what I hate that outlook on life.  Its a horrid way to view living in my opinion. I’m sorry if it offends anyone but as I sat on the train on the journey home I reflected on my year and at first my mindset gravitated to what a bad year its been because:

  • Myself and my wife have been trying for a baby for a year, and its not happened yet and its been far from easy.
  • A close member of the family had a diagnoses of some bad health and difficult times ahead.
  • We (in this case we equals I) wrote the car off.
  • I missed out on a few promotions.


And that’s all i’ve got. That’s why in my head it felt like a bad year. Now really only one of those is a truly crap bit of news.

The first one, is a challenge but its not the end. It means next year, will be the year to start a family. Number two will be tough and test our family that’s true, but for now we are pulling together and in the British way, doing our best to muddle through. 3 and 4 in the grand scheme of things matter little. I mean, people are reading this and probably thinking “Russ you have no idea what hard is.”

And you know what good. I don’t want to think like that. I want to be positive. I don’t want to wish my life away. I don’t want to think, “you know what next year is nearly here things will be different then.” No thinks just are. Tough times come, they go. Happy times come, they go. It doesn’t change year on year.

I can make things better, I can choose to hope and believe. I can get off my arse and go running, keep trying to get the promotion. I can keep enjoying life with my wife and look forward to eventually having a family with her. I can just be nicer. There is enough crap in the world, with out me being a miserable fucker and being all dour.



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