Challenge confirmed: 10,000 miles in one calendar year.

So that’s it now, I’ve set up the just giving page and confirmed I’m challenging myself next year. Yes, I also have a wedding to plan, yes I am probably mental. Yes I know most people don’t expected me to do it. No I didn’t give a fuck what they think. I want to challenge myself, it will be tough, if I don’t do it I don’t do it. But I’d rather say I gave it a go and come short, than having sat back and never tried.

So the rules are simple:

1) I have from the 1st Jan – 31st Dec 2014 to cycle a minimum of 10,000 miles. To do it I will have to average 27 Miles a day
2) I will use Strava and a new cycle computer to measure the distance, so if its not recorded on the computer it doesn’t count.

And that’s pretty much it.

So from here on out I need to get serious. I need to get fit and focus. I have a wedding to plan and rugby to play. In between that and work I need to devote time to cycling wherever possible. My diet is going to have to be spot on and I’m going to have to keep my fitness up to a level I am happy will sustain me through the challenge.

At the moment, I am a mixture of nerves and excitement. Can I do it? Honestly I don’t know, its going to be a big ask. It will mean getting out on my bike on days when I really, really don’t want to but I know from past experience with both the LEJOG and the 24 hour rugby match I can push myself further than I thought in the past, and its that mental strength and hunger I am going to need to get back.

So wish me luck and I will check back with an update soon, I’ve got a bit to prepare and a Christmas to enjoy before I get started!


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