Being the best at what you do

Often we hate on people at the top we are jealous of them and say anyone can do that if I was as lucky as them, or blessed with the talent they have. But sometimes that is not always the truth. I love American Football, and in particular I enjoy watching Tom Brady play. Now Tom Brady gets a lot of flack and you hear that he’s a pretty boy who has had it easy. Well watch these videos and see how hard he has had to work to get to where he is:

Yes the guy is amazing at what he does, but look what he had to overcome to get there, how hard he worked, how much belief he had. No one gave him a chance, no one thought he’d be a contender to be considered the greatest of all time. Yet that’s exactly what he is. Why? Because he worked at being the best.

A coach once said to me: “I don’t expect you to be the best rugby player in the world, but I expect you to be the best rugby player YOU can be.” That always stuck with me. There are lots of things in sport, hell in life, I am not good at, but I will always give 100% and strive to be the best I can be. I may never make it to the top but I will always strive and work at it. That’s the way I approach everything and its the way I will have to approach the challenge facing me. I don’t know if I can do 100 bike rides over 100 miles in a year (note: need catchier easier to say name!) and I bet loads of people think I can’t do it. But i’m going to put my helmet on and just go for it. If its pissing with rain, i’ll just peddle that much harder. If I’m tired i’ll still have to keep going, cause I want to do this, I want to prove to myself that I can push myself to the limit and go beyond it and accomplish it. My days off just settling for existing are over and I want to live. The videos above prove what belief, coupled with attitude can do, talent only gets you so far. When playing rugby some of my favourite games have been in narrow defeats where we should have got no where near the other side, but we fought and fought. We came off knowing we had given everything we could. And the wins are even sweeter when they were games no one expected you to win.

So that’s my mindset for the challenge, just remind me of that when i’m on ride 20 something with loads to go, i’m tired and can’t be arsed to do it!



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