Update: 24 hour match, getting fitter, cycling more, wedding talk, geek stuff and a new challenge

You catch me in a rare bit of downtime at the moment. For this time next week, I shall be off and be in the process of moving to a new house back in Gloucester!

So at the moment I am in the midst of sorting out all my shite and getting packed ready for the move back down the M5. Its amazing how much crap I have managed to collect over the years and now thankfully a sizable chunk of it is gone.

So its time for a quick cup of tea and an update (which includes some update on the 24 hour match not just my packing so please keep reading.)


So just when I thought it was completely over with the 24 hour match, I get an e-mail!  And at the moment its a case of Good News/Bad News. Bad News; we don’t have the record… yet. Good news, we are still on course. I’ve been asked to submit some more evidence and hopefully if I get this put together correctly we still have a fighting chance of getting the record. It was a pleasant surprise and has lifted my spirits somewhat. Although I was chuffed and proud of what we accomplished that day, it always rankled me a bit that the record bid died on its arse. So now I’ve got a chance to get that right. With that its also got me determined to get off my arse and do some stuff for charity again.

With Dowtys things are going quite well, we have our shiny new shirts:


Which I love! Tomorrow is the debut of the change shirt which is something completely different!  We got our league season off to a flyer winning 59-10 and after Spartans cried off last week, its our second game of the season tomorrow against Westbury which promises to be a hell of a game.  The lads are playing well at the moment and it promises to be a good contest. I’ve been reasonably happy with how I’ve been playing so far, but know I can do more. In particular I need to step up with my tackling. As always I continue to by my biggest critic and seem to remember the stuff I do wrong much better than I do right! To be honest I’ve come to live with that though and am much more comfortable in my own skin than I have been for a long time, I know I do better and work harder when I have a chip on my shoulder or a point to prove. At the moment that comes with my scrimmaging. I’ve had to listen to a number of people say its not good enough or slag it off and to be honest it pisses me off as I don’t think people realize how hard a skill it is. So I have a great opportunity to prove them wrong with a great scrimmaging side to play against. If not I’ll dust myself off and keep working to prove people wrong.

If not there is always a career at 9 beckoning:



Another area which is marked “room for improvement” Although I’ve done a fair bit to work and back that’s really all I’ve done and the truth is I really miss it. The back needs a bit of TLC at the moment though, with pretty much no break blocks remaining. It also needs a good clean.

I’m hoping the move back to Glos will get me back out on it more. There are some cracking hills in the area that I can test myself on. I’m possibly the slowest person alive on a bike and I want to get faster and fitter. Yes I’ve done quite a bit of work on my fitness but I know there is a lot more I can do, and with my 32 birthday looming, I’ve been realizing I’m not getting any younger so I need to take the opportunities as and when they come along. I’m hoping once we’ve moved and settled down, I can put together a training plan, get out on the bike on a Sunday (so long as rugby hasn’t killed me the day before) and maybe join up with a cycle club a friend is at and get a mid week ride in. Then I want to set myself some challenging rides in the summer to see how I’m developing. I’m tempted by the Dragonride for example.

Fitness/ mindset

Now the above might sound like I’m in a bit of a downer but the truth is far from it. I’m in a very good place, which for a grumpy sod like me is scary! I’m moving into a house soon, I’m marrying my lovely and beautiful Fiancee, I feel healthy, have a good job and working hard to turn my finances round. I’m just doing what I always do when a Birthday does and that’s take a look at myself in the mirror. I want to know kick on further and I think that’s where the desire to get fitter and improve as a cyclist comes from. A few years ago I challenged to do something for my dad and that’s where LEJOG and the 24 hour match came from and ultimately what started this blog. I now after a bit of a breather and settling down feel its time to challenge myself again, I just don’t know how or to what level. And if I do it won’t be until after our wedding and a long overdue holiday with Em somewhere!


So the main focus here has been the move and pretty much that. We have some movement on a venue but now trying to get a date sorted for it. It’ll be nice to have a date tied down so we can start planning things a bit more, but at the moment we are kind of on a holding pattern with everything till the move gets done and dusted.

Geek stuff:

  • The new Arctic Monkeys album is pretty dam good and cant wait to see them at the end of the month
  • Breaking Bad continues to be pretty good, so far we are halfway through series one.
  • The ending to Dexter was just awful
  • If anyone wants to buy me the Last of Us, Fifa 14, GTA V, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 or Diablo iii for my birthday that would be awesome.

Right Teas drunk so back to it, before rugby. Have a good one all!


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