Update 13/09/13


  • Well the most exciting thing about this is we hopefully have a new one! Last week me and Em went and looked at a really lush house that we really liked. So we expressed an interested and we’ve been accepted. So long as the references and credit checks etc go through ok, we will be moving in on the 11th October. We are both really excited about this and cannot wait to be nearer our friends in a bigger house.
  • We have some movement on the wedding front too, having hopefully found a venue we like the look off for the reception. Just waiting to confirm a date but its exciting to have some progress there.
  • I’m really enjoying the new job. Still settling in, but its great to be back in education, working with a good team. I’m looking forward to how the job develops.
  • Although I feel a bit tired, its in a good way as so much is going on at the minute and I feel really excited about the future!


  • After the disappointment of last weeks result, we have had some good training sessions this week. The lads have been hitting the bags, tackle practice and scrum machine hard. I feel like I’ve played a game this week already. I cannot wait to get out on the rugby pitch, I feel like I owe a performance. Its going to be the biggest test of the season so far but one I cannot wait to get stuck into.


  • Although a lot shorter distance ( 9 miles a day, as opposed to 36 miles a day!) I’m enjoying the commute to work. ITs got a couple of nice hills for me to practice on. As the bad weather approaches I will probably get less opportunity to cycle but going to squeeze it in when ever I can.


  • Last night I went to the Cinema with Em to see Despicable me 2 and I loved it. We haven’t had dates enough of late and we are hoping to do it more often. Was a good film and very funny.
  • After being nagged increasingly by Wills to get into Breaking Bad, I’ve started to watch it and so far it looks to be a dark, and very funny show. Looking forward to getting into it more.
  • On the odd bits of geek time I get, I’ve invested in Playstation plus and all the free games you get make it a  bargain. Can’t wait to get the money and time to invest in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (proper mark out time for me, loved the game when I was younger) and GTA V. Till then I am enjoying Saints Row 3 and Tomb Raider.
  • Another flash back to my youth on Saturday when me and Em are off to see Jimmy Eat World. They were brilliant last time I saw them and I  am sure tomorrow will be more of the same!

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