Update; Bristol Belter, Rugby, frustration, new job and the quest to get a new home!


So I managed to survive the Bristol Belter but bloody hell was it tough! It was 94 miles with lots of climbing! I don’t think I’ve done as much in one day for a long time. One hell was particularly tough and required a lot of effort to get up. It was also the first time in a long time that I’ve had to stop whilst climbing a hill, my quads just completely seized up and I was in bits. This frustrated me no end and I had an hour afterwards of being very cross and having to have a word with myself. After this though I got my head together and started to enjoy it again, managing to get myself all the way up another steep hill.

Some of the scenery was spectacular and the climb at Cheddar was a highlight. It was also fun to ride with the shed web boys again, but also frustrating as I couldn’t keep up with them.

I’ve started cycling to work, which is a short commute of 5 miles each way, but has a bloody steep hill in that is good practice for me.

All being well I will have a second bike when I get on the cycle to work scheme.


So we had our second game of the season against Hardwicke and we disappointingly lost 25 – 7.  It was frustrating as we were a big part of the cause of the result.

I felt frustrated and still do with my own performance. I missed two key tackles that lead to tries. In terms of decision making I also made a couple of wrong decision. I was rusty and is showed which is not fair on the lads and have a bit of work to do before the next game.

As a team it was a bit of a wake up call, but I know we can come together as a team and put it right. Its going to be a long old week at training I know that much! The game on sat against Bream will be a huge one, they are a very good side. Sat can’t come soon enough.


Job continues to go well, still a lot to learn and take in but I am enjoying it so far and it seems like it will be a busy job with lots of interesting stuff to do!



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