I know what I did this summer; loads!

Wow its been a while since I found time to write out a blog! And this summer I’ve done loads, not in a oh i’ve done a bit over the top definition, a I really have done loads.

The first thing I did, and only a small thing was get engaged. I obviously couldn’t be happier and am very excited about what the future holds for me and the wife to be. I was also pleased that I think it was a complete surprise as was the party I managed to put together and throw for her 30th birthday:


The other big change in my life is I got a new job. As of writing, I am one week away from finishing my notice and starting a job for a University. I’m very excited by this prospect and looking forward to getting underway.

So thats all the mundane boring stuff what else has been going on:


so so far this year I have cycled 1890 miles, which I’m pretty pleased with. If my strava was more accurate and my phone less crap it would be a higher number.

I completed the runway rumble, doing about 70 laps and 60 miles, which wasn’t as much as I hoped but a good bench mark for the next go at it.

Last week I went out on a 86 miles jolly just for the hell of it and was good fun. Got in some good hills and felt good, i’ve definately noticed an improvement in my cycling, I just feel stronger and can sustain a faster average speed for a lot longer.

Next sunday I am doing the Bristol Belter which is about 96 Miles and involves a fair bit of climbing in it, including Cheddar Gorge and the mendips!


I’m going to miss the long commute to work as its really helped my cycling and fitness. But I can still get in a good 11 miles a day at the new job, which includes a nice little hill.


So I’ve played in a few 7’s tournaments this year, which has been tough. I’m most certainly not a sevens player!

I also had the honour of captaining the side at the Fat Blokes sevens this year:


It was a toughee this year, we had a smaller squad than normally and a lot of back to back games. We all ran our selves into the ground though as you can see from the pic below:


So next week is our first xv’s game of the season and I can’t wait to get back playing again. Preseason has gone well but its not the same as playing in an actual game!

In terms of my own fitness I’ve dropped down to 14 Stone and feel in really good shape, probably the best Shape i’ve ever been in. This isn’t saying much and got a long way to go, but its nice to have a good base level of fitness to work on.

The rest

So been up to loads over the summer in other areas but one of the main things I’ve been doing with the wife to be is Gromit Spotting:

gromit 2

They are awesome and raising money for the Grand Appeal, definately worth checking out.

So thats it really, its been a good summer and it promises to deliver a bit more before its over, I’ll be back soon, but till then see you all later!


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