Update 11.06.13

Wow has it been a month already since I last blogged? Lots been going on of late so lets get to it:


So the commute to work has started and been doing it for a few weeks now. So far I’ve been average about 4 days a week and 46 miles a day, which I’m fairly chuffed with. There have been a few days were its been tough due to the weather deciding to chuck everything it can at me, and its taken a bit of getting used to the early start but I am settling into it fairly well I feel.

I’ve been getting steadily faster my average speed going from about 12 MPH to 15 MPH and being able to ride in, in about 1 hour 30 mins and home in 1 hour 40 mins (due to being slightly up hill and more tired!)

I’m having a couple of days break from it due to being a bit burnt out and sore but back to it tomorrow!

I’ve also still been getting out at the weekends and notched up my first big ride of 63 miles the other week. I’m planning to do a 100 miler in the coming weeks and things are shaping up for the runway rumble on 28th June.


So I’ve been voted in again as captain and things are shaping up for a good season at the club. We have been promoted and are in a tough league this year but with a good season I believe we are capable of competing.

Had the first run out of the summer in a sevens tournament at the weekend. Sadly it was men against boys and we got a pasting but it was good fun and nice to get back out on the rugby pitch.

Come July its fat bloke 7s time which i’m looking forward to.


So since cycling more regularly I’ve already dropped half a stone and back around the weight I was at when I finished LEJOG! I’m pretty chuffed with this and determined to keep getting my fitness as high as it can be ready for start of the rugby season.

The next thing to do now, is invest in some weights and tone up a bit, but at the moment  things are looking good.Most sundays we have been going out for walks and its a great way to unwind and let of some steam.

Everything else:

  • All the above has left me feeling pretty burnt out. Its been pretty stressful of late and I’m feeling pretty fed up. I know after a bit of rest I will feel more like me, but getting some rest and relaxation is proving a big ask of late!
  • Sadly are longest game of rugby record was broken but watch this space.
  • I need to plan some more cycle rides this year not got many lined up but hopefully have a few more lined up soon!

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