What I’ve been up to!

So having had a very busy last few weeks, I had a very relaxing week off work last week. I feel so much fresher for it!

I would probably write a 50,000 word essay if I went through everything that has happened in the last few weeks so instead I’m going to do a bit of a photo blog with a few comments instead, so enjoy!


So this month saw another run out at Kingsholm and another battering! But it was a fun day and again loved every minute of having a run out at Kingsholm.


Tour fly halfThe season then ended with TOURQUAY 2013 and what a tour it was. No your eyes are not playing tricks on you that really is me at 10. The game was one of the most fun games i’ve been part of and it was a great way to close out the season with the lads.

cycling bike ride


So this week off i’ve finally got back out on the bike and clocked up some decent miles- 160 of them to be precise. Its been awesome to find time to get out on the bike and I’m looking forward to many more of them in the coming months. Starting from tomorrow, i’m aiming to commute to work at least 3-4 times a week, so it means an early start but hopefully a big kick up the arse for my fitness!


eagle bird of prey


I’ve also found some time to chill out with my lovely girlfriend Em, which has included an awesome day out at The Bird of Prey Centre in Newent!

So thats it in short form. I’ve got a lot coming up in the next few months; Em’s Birthday, Sevens, Dinner dance, Cycling and much much more. I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. Things seem tobe on track at the moment and hopefully that will continue.

Till next time, hope you are all well and catch you soon,







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