Happy Birthday Blog…

So I had an e-mail to inform me that two years ago today I set up my blog! Wow. That means two years ago is when I first toyed with the idea of doing something for charity.

Its flown by and a lot has changed in that time. I’m less of a fat bastard, I’ve cycled further than I can imaging, I’m captain of a rugby team, I got a job, lost it, got another one, moved to another city, made new friends, laughed, cried and pushed myself.

At the moment I’m going through a fairly tough time. I’ve kinda hit a rut, a big one and i’m trying to pull myself out of it. Its hard for me to admit that. After the bike ride, I promised that would be it, I’d move on to better things and things would change for the better. I forgot one important part of the process though; me.

I kinda just assumed that all of this would happen, that I could it back and watch thing change. So i’ve let the good work I put in, slide away and I feel back to square one. I’ve kind of seen this happen for a few months now, but not had the energy to tackle it. I can blame lots of factors; my job is tough at the moment, i am not getting my work/social life balance right, i am still getting used to captaining the rugby team, and many other factors, but it would all be smoke and mirrors, ultimately the buck stops with me.

Its time for that to change, take your pick from the following phrases but I need to man up, grow some balls, sort my shit out. etc etc. Whatever it has to be this time, that I finally sort it out, I keep saying, this will be the week where things change. And it never is. This time that vow has to be true.

So happy birthday blog, here’s to the memories and its time to make a few more.


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