Update 02/01/2013

Happy New Year!

So there goes another holiday period in a flash!

It was a much needed and welcomed relaxing break, and feel refreshed for it. I spent a large chuck of it in Dorset with Em and her family and it was great to get away and unwind.

I had some fab presents, a new iPod, an awesome t-shirt, Bicycle dreams and a number of other dvds. But the best present was Em buying a ton of parts for my bike and getting her brother to give it a much needed service. I’ve taken it out on a couple of test runs and it is like a new bike. Tom has done a great job on the service and I really appreciate Em getting it sorted.

So it’s a New Year and that brings about the excitement of what the year will bring. One of my main resolutions was to blog a bit more so here we go let’s see how long I can keep this up!

It’s a fairly busy start to the New Year for me. We are straight back into the rugby season and we have an exciting second half of the season with a chance to finish well. It is also the clubs first tour in years and I’m really looking forward to that.

In terms of fitness I’ve been getting to the gym a bit more frequently and hoping to keep that up going at least two or three times week. I’m also trying to eat a bit healthier and to cook fresh more and enjoying doing so.
I’ve done a couple of bike rides over the holidays and definitely got the taste back for it! I loved riding around Dorset and some of the hills. I am hoping to get out on the bike again at the weekend and keep clocking up some serious miles. I am currently working out the rides I want to do this year and in the process of organising some decent ones with some mates which is exciting.

The last but by no means least thing I need to organise this year is a holiday with Em. We’ve not been away together and its long overdue.

Well that’s it for now, hope you all had a great new year and looking forward to catching up with you all soon.




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