As the year comes to a close i’ve been looking back at my blog and what has come before. Some of it has made me cringe, i hate my writing style, but every now and then something seems to mean something. This was one of those posts.

Getting on my bike

I was cycling up a horrible hill the other day, and I hit breaking point. I’d go through all my gears, I was wobbling all over the road, I was blowing big time, like a trumpet solo, my leg ached, I didn’t have the energy to stand up and get the legs driving. I went round the bend to see the climb continued and my heart sank, then I saw it a drop in the curb. That when the demon in my head decided to chime in… “brooksey you fat f**k, just unclip and catch a breather here it’ll be fine no one will know, unless you’re stupid enough to blog about it and even then no one will know as no one reads it anyway.” The demon had been niggling in my head the whole climb, and this was the time I was starting to listen…. I mutter out…

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