Update 18/11/12

I am absolutely burnt out of late. Its been a hell of a year in a good way. But of late work has been manically busy, with a number of changes. Its certainly keeping me on my toes. But I am now so looking forward to some time off. So I’m counting down to the christmas holidays and some much needed down time.

Anyway its been a fairly eventful few weeks so I suppose I should do an update!


So our season has really got going now and we have won our last two games. We are now 3rd in our league which is a great start with some tough games already played. Yesterday saw us come out 32 -12 winners in a great game of rugby. A lot of the lads are doing movember to raise money for charity and we have raised £110 so far and if you want to donate you can at:

I’ll show you my mo in a second and you will also notice the lovely black eye i pick up in yesterday’s game:

Straight after the game, nice bit of swelling!

The above is how it is now and its rather colourful!

We have another big game next week against Cheltenham Saracens and I cannot wait to hopefully get out there and play again.
The rest

  • Em has started a new job working in HR and I’m so proud of her for not giving up and getting an exciting opportunity.
  • I hate this time of year with it getting dark and gloomy early in the evening. It gets bloody tough to get up in the morning!
  • I am looking forward to getting out on the bike again and getting some mile clocked up. Em is paying for the bike to get serviced as part of my crimbo present.
  • Me and Em are off to a number of great shows starting with Mumford and sons soon followed by the Foals. We are also getting to watch England v New Zealand and I cannot wait.

Right that will do for now, but I will be back for a full update soon. I’m off to chill out for a bit, ice my eye and enjoy some resident evil.




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