Answering to yourself

I am a people pleaser. I spend all my time, worrying what people think about me, if i’m doing a good job, if they are impressed with me,if they are annoyed with me, etc etc. At rugby I worry if as captain i’m doing a good job, am i letting the team down a captain, could i do more, what do the players think of me. At home and work i do the same. Mostly I worry about what dad would think of me.

But i’ve recently revisited a show i watched a lot a few years back, Scrubs. For the most part scrubs is just silly and laugh out loud funny. But now and again it can make you think, none more so than this scence, which is one of my faves,but i’d forgotten about:


See I spend to long worrying about what others think and not enough worrying about what I think. Ultimately If Idon’t believe in myself I am setting myself up to fail.

So a timely reminder a i continue my quest to give myself a boot up the arse, get fit and get back into gear. And who says tv is bad for you?


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