Update 29/10/12

So yeah i’ve been really, really crap at updating this thing, so sorry about that, Still no time like the present to put that right.

Its been a fairly manic few weeks, most of my time has been monopolised by Work and Rugby, but it has started to settle down a little now.

As a result of this i’ve been a bit lazy with the diet and exercise, but hitting 31 has made me determined to get back into all of that. So starting back today, its bye bye crap food, hello gym, and starting on the path to getting under 14 stone. It won’t be easy but I am determined to do it. I’ve seen such  a benefit to my health already i’m determined to get even better.

So what have I been up to lately…

Birthday weekend:

So lets start with the Birthday weekend. It was a quietish but fun one. Sadly I had to work on the day of my birthday, but thankfully it was a fairly stress free day and soon passed by. Then it was off home to get my pressies and cards off the lovely Em!
The first present was an awesome gaming chair:


Its the best present ever! I also had some cool pic frames with some of my fave pics from Lejog in, the XX Cd some money to sort the car out (much needed as it needs new tyres, brake pads and electrics!)

From here it was off down the road to Cheltenham for a curry and a night out with the always lovely Caz and Tom. It was great to see them and I very much envy their new house!

The next day I had a good game of rugby and then watch Glos in one of the best games i’ve seen.

In other news, i am very much keen to get back out on the bike, but it is in need of a good service at the minute, as after the 100 miler to London its in pieces. So once the car is sorted i’ll be giving it a proper service and some much needed TLC. From there i’ll aim to start getting back out on sundays for 30 miles or so and build back up to it. I miss getting out on the bike and the stress relief it provides.

I hopefully will have a couple of big rides lines up soon, i’mm keen to take on another challenge, but nothing concrete yet so don’t want to say to much at this point! so watch this space!

Rugby is so much fun this year. Being captain is challenging but i’m part of a great bunch of lads, and i’m confident we are in for a good season.

I am currently enjoying Arrow, Chicago fire and Dexter on the tv, mumford and sons, Bastille, Walk the moon and Muse musically and on the PS3 Dishonored, Resident Evil 6 and Borderlands 2.


Right thats enough babble from me for now, i’ve got to get myself down the gym, but i promise i will do my best to check back in more frequently.


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