As time ticks by…..

So in just over a week I turn 31. Now this is not a birthday that is a big deal, it isn’t a land mark occassion and not really going to go down as a memorable one in my life. But in many ways it is.

Rewind to a year ago and I spent the morning of my 30th signing on to jobseekers, hardly the way i wanted or planned my 30th. I had a new job I was excited about only a few months ago, but sadly it didn’t go to plan. So I spent my 30th worried about my future, my plans had a spanner thrown into them and I did not know where my future lay.

Now fast forward a year and I am still in many ways picking up the pieces. But I have a lot more to be thankfully for. I have a job, completely different to what I have done previous, stressful and hard work, with a lot to learn. But its a job. Long term i’m still not sure what my career will be or where I am going, but I have a job.

The last year in many other ways has been absolutely amazing. I’ve moved in with my amazing girlfriend, and although we don’t have an amazing flat, its great living together. I’ve cycled from one end of the country to another, played in a rugby match for 25 hours, captained an amazing bunch of lads, and experienced things I never thought I would.

So I will be sad to see this year of my life pass by, but I am equally looking forward to what the next year will bring. I’ve set myself some goals, which I won’t share here as its nice to have some secrets 🙂 But i’m planning to get fitter, get out on the bike again, get the rugby record recgonised and then try and break it again.

So good by 30 hello 31 lets see what you can bring to the table.



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