Update 27/08/12 – AKA the longest month!

Wow what a month this has been. I’ve been exhausted, i’ve had some great laughs, i’ve cried, i’ve been frustrated, i’ve accomplished, but mainly i’ve survived it!

I’m sorry i’ve failed to keep blog as updated as I would have liked but as you’ll see from below it really has been a mentally busy month!

Wow has it been tough at work this month, its been a hell of a month with lots of stress and been a very sharp learning curve. I made a fatal flaw this month of taking it all much to personally and with worrying more than I should when I came home. This created a vicious circle of coming home knackered and stressing about work, then not sleeping due to stress. So I need a sense of perspective. Yes, i enjoy the job and the challanges  of it; but is it all I am? No. therefore I need to be better at switching off and enjoying life and the stuff I have going on. Thats easier said then done when you are as neurotic as me and like to overthink thing, still it is something I need to crack for the sake of my sanity!


So yesterday was the action 100, 118 miles from Bristol to London. Those with good memory will recall this was the first 100 miler I did last year. Well now i’ve done 4. I had the intention of finishing it under 9 Hours this year. I came in at 7 Hours and 40 minutes  so chuffed with that. I was the slowest of the bunch by miles, but I am improving, just sorry I slowed the boys down, but grateful to them for not leaving me behind and nursing me to a good time.

Hopefully we will do some more rides soon, but first up for the bike, is a much needed service. Oh and an invesment for some bib shorts, I think the lads have had enough of seeing my arse!


Training continues to go well. We are having great numbers to training and starting to put together an accomplished team. I’m still settling into my role as captain, but enjoying the challenge and confident I can do a good job.I’m getting more practive at hooker too, which is taking some getting used to.

Its less than 3 weeks till our first game and I cannot wait.


One of my oldesst and best friendss is getting married next month, which meant only one thing this month! Stag do.

We did some airsoft battlesports:

Which was great fun, but bloody knackering! We then went to play some golf:

I suck at golf! But was good fun. Then it was off to Cheltenham for a big piss up. Its was great and just like the old days, so nice to catch up with the lads.

And thats that, this month i’m hoping things will quieten down. It will still involve cycling, gym, rugby, busting my arse to get fit, work, a wedding and much more that I don’t know about yet, but if i can survive the last month i’m ready for anything.



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