Update 24/07/12


So I’m back after a long weekend of 7’s rugby, lots of sun and possibly just a bit of beer. As always Fat Bloke 7’s was a cracking weekend and best of all we won. It’s always one of my highlights of the year and this year could have been the best one yet. We played some brilliant rugby, caught up with some great mates, had a few beers and enjoyed the sun.

As always my role in the 7’s was nothing to write home about. I played ok, but I’m not a sevens player, and I was in the company of some very good players which made me feel a bit aware of fucking up and letting them down. So I did what I can do, just run myself into the ground and keep going. I made a few good breaks, missed a few tackles, turned over some ball, passed well, and cocked up, so a standard game of rugby. What was pleasing was I am noticeably fitter from even last year and also a bit quicker; I still look like I’m running in treacle but quicker by my standard!

Still rugby is a team game and the team were awesome which is ultimately what matters. I was chuffed how some of the originals stepped up, especially Jim who captained the side, where his energy comes from I’ll never know! Well done boys we did Mark proud!

So now I am buzzing to start the rugby season off and I cannot wait to really get going as captain. I’m determined to help play a part in Dowtys having a great season. Being captain know means guarantees me a start and we have some good props so I need to keep working hard to keep my place.

There’s no training tonight for me though, as I’m off with Em to see Frankie Boyle which I’m looking forward to. After that all Tuesdays become focused on Dowtys training.


So I’ve now signed up for the Action 100 on the 26th August. Those of you with good memories will know I did this last year, with a time of 9 hours and 30 minutes. This year I will want to crack a time under 9 hours, which will be a tough task, but one I feel up to.

So this involves, working my arse of and getting back out on the bike to get my cycling legs going again.

And also the bike. It is in need of a good clean and I want to put some smaller tires on it and give it a bit of a tart up. So it’s back to getting out on the bike as much as possible and hitting the hills.

I’ve also started going back to the gym. Hopefully the malaise of the last few months is behind me and I will be back into training and keeping the fitness going. I am currently holding steady at 14 and a half stone but I need to drop a bit weight ideally and continue to tone up.


So in terms of donations we are now holding at just under £8000, and it is a staggering amount I cannot thank people enough for the support.

The 24 hour match is taking forever to get all the paperwork together for but I am still working hard to get it all in place.

I really want to do a new bike ride, but it won’t be for a while yet as I don’t want to keep nagging people for money! In the meantime we are planning a weekend London to Paris bike ride or maybe Gloucester to Paris but that is a while off. In the meantime we are hoping to do a few long distance day rides, we will just have to see how it pans out.


A massive congratulation to Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky on winning the Tour De France, it’s a huge achievement and one I wish my dad could have been alive to see. It’s been a fantastic tour that’s had me utterly gripped and keen to get back on the bike.

I am really thinking I’d love to get a new bike at some point, but it’s a while off so in the meantime, the old one will get a good service and I am aiming to get it in tip top condition ready for some tougher rides in the coming months.

So that’s it for the moment hopefully I am out of my slump, and keen to keep going with stuff. It’s been a good start to the summer so far and hopefully it will continue to be. This weekend I’m off to Dorset to see the in laws so hopefully this stunning weather will continue!


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