Getting back on my bike


yes i’m back! I know, I know i’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging and I still need to update you all on that and don’t worry I will. But today isn’t going to be the day I do that.

Their is a valid reason for my not blogging or doing cycling etc. Its because I was completely burnt out. I’d given my all going into the bike ride and the 24 hour rugby match. When the final whistle went on the match, I collapsed onto the floor and it was 10 minutes before I could stand up and then I had to be helped to the car by my mum and Em!

A week later I did a 100 mile bike ride, because i’d already signed up to it. It should have been easy given what I’d been through a few weeks prior. But it wasn’t. I felt tired and my legs didn’t want to know. It was then I realised I needed to listen to my body; it was time I took a rest.

So that was it pretty much exercise wise, barring rugby training and a couple of short bike rides. I just felt burnt out and didn’t feel like it at all. I didn’t want to look at my bike or a rugby ball.

Away from sport, the ride had taken its toll on me too. I felt flat, really flat. I’d given my all to the bike ride, for over a year it was all I thought about. Making money for it, training, planning and making time for Em that was my life. I felt flat that my big adventure was over and down at the thought of what do I do next.

And thats been it for a few months, I just existed, all my motivation, drive and determination I’d built up for the bike ride just upped and left.

Thankfully slowly, things have begun to change.

I have been made Captain of Dowtys, something I am very proud of. I was also voted clubman of the year, at the dinner and dance, An award for the person who did most for the club in the last year. I am proud of both of these and slowly my love of rugby returned. I have begun to put more effort into training and getting involed in the behind the scences stuff. Preseason starts tonight and I cannot wait for the season to begin.

Away from rugby and back to cycling, I did a few short bike rides, mainly because I felt I needed to. I wasn’t cycling like I did on the ride, for fun. However i started watching the Tour De France and have been has hooked as I always have, I love it, and it reminded me of my ride, the closest i’d ever get to a grand tour and finally it has been sinking in what I did and how proud I am of it. Now it wasn’t the same as cycling the alps, but it was the biggest physical test i’d done, i never thought about what would come after and what it would take out of me. Now I have rested and recharged i appreciate it all the more.

So slowly I am getting back into it, I have devoured some cycling books, started hitting the gym, aiming to get back into shape. I have picked out some hundred mile bike rides I want to do and started planning training runs. I am ready to get back on the bike.

It terms of fundraising I don’t know what comes next, I may do London to Paris, or something shorted it won’t be as big a committment as the last one but I know I will keep going.

Away from all of this I feel i’ve come out of the slump, it was something I had to go through  and experience, it feels like it was part of the journey. I feel that I am a better person from the ride and it taught me a lot, now I need to not slump and apply it to my life. I want to achieve so much with Em, a house, a family, career and more. Its time to crack on.

So long story short, i’ll try to blog more and this won’t be the end of my adventures on the bike. But for now I have a weekend of 7’s rugby, beer and catching up with mates to look forward to!




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