Update 24/05/12

I’m exhausted.

This is the week i think where everything has finally hit me! My body aches, and i feel mentally and physically drained.

Yet and I know its an arrogant trait I feel proud. Proud of myself for getting through something that would have broke me a few years ago. Proud of everyone who supported and believed in me and kept me going through some tough, tough challenging days.

Proud of the total:

Currently on just giving we have £6465 plus £300 to pay into the charity and with more money to come in.

I am slowly blogging about the bike ride, but it was amazing and inspite of how tough and exhausting it is i ;loved every minute and will remain forever my proudest sporting moment. I don’t know how I got through it but i did and its mainly thanks to others keeping me going.

I will update about the 24 hour match, but that to remains one of the most demanding things i’ve ever done. I feel guilty for what it took out of the lads, but proud of what they accomplished. I was reduced to tears by it at times, but we did it. If we don’t get a record we remain proud of what we did.

So what next? rest. But not for long I have a 100 mile bike ride in a weeks time and London to Brighton after that.

There is talk already of another 24 hour match, but done bigger and better. While it may not be that exactly we will do something. But i am taking a few months off to let it all sink it and to recover as i feel burnt out now.

I am also the new captain of Dowtys and will take that forward and am excited by it. I will continue to cycle too.

Soo this is not the end of the blog, in some ways the begining, I remain determined to raise as much as I can for Winstons Wish so please stick with the blog.

And once again thank you to everyone who has supported me, especially Em, Wills, Bob etc I love you all



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