Update 27/04/12

So we’ve got to it. This will potentially be the last blog update I send before the ride commences. It’s been a manic week and I’ve a lot to talk about. Whilst I’ve been getting organised for the bike ride, I’ve been hard at work sorting out the 24 hour match as well. At present this is proving to be the biggest stress. We have so much to make sure goes into place to run like clockwork and I’m pulling my hair out as we need this event to be a success and to ensure the record does happen and we don’t fall down on a technicality.

Anyway let’s give you a bit of an update.

The bike

So the bike has returned from a service yesterday and is looking good! It has new cables, brake blokes, bracket, chain and the wheels trued. So I hopefully will not be able to blame the bike if I fail! I now just need to fit an extra water bottle carrier and sort out a bike computer as the last one has died on its arse. The other main thing is sorting out kit! I’ve so much to take and sort but it’s pretty much there now, barring some energy drinks, snacks and some socks!

I am glad that most of it gets stored on the support wagon as the amount of stuff I have is ridiculous!


I feel about as fit as I can do, thankfully I have not had any lasting damage from last week’s game at Kingsholm. My hand has barely come out in a bruise, so I go into the event as fit as I can be. The only thing I have to face now is my mind-set. I can tolerate failure if it happens due to injury; I can’t do anything about that. What I dread more than anything, is failing because my mind forces me to give up. So I have been working hard to go into this event focused, positive and determined. Failure is not an option. People have been amazing supporting me, so I need to get my head down and get to the finish line. It will be a chance of a lifetime, I’m sure I’ll see amazing things, have moments of bliss, laugh cry, struggle, succeed and more. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of an event but I cannot wait for it to begin now.

I am going to miss Em while I am away for the two weeks, and that’s my main concern. But I have to make sure I focus on the ride and enjoy it. Em is off to see her family so I know she’ll be having a good time herself.


So I have a plan of action for getting to Penznace now. We travel on the Monday via train with bike and my donkey load worth of kit. Where we will meet up with Em’s parents and have an evening with them which will be awesome and its great to have Em and Her family there to see me off. In terms of getting back, I have to say a massive thank you to a good friends mum who is paying for me to travel back to Birmingham and it was going to cost me a fortune so I am so grateful to them. From Birmingham Em and some friends are hopefully going to pick me up.

24 Hour match

So this is proving to be a massive stress at the moment as we have so much to get in place but its getting there. I am very grateful to Em and Wills who are taking over the organising of the event while I touring the country on my ‘holiday’. We have some good prizes coming in, the team is getting there and I am excited about it all. But I will also be glad when all the organising is over and I can remember what free time is!



Total £3950

So you can see a massive total has been reached that I never thought possible. A big thank you to everyone who has donated, plugged my blog and just believed in me. I am so grateful to everyone who has got behind me on this it really means a lot.

I had an amazing good luck card from Winstons wish that reminded me just why exactly I am doing all this and if I was lacking in motivation I certainly am not now.

So that’s it, I may do one more blog before Tuesday if I get time but it will depend on time. If not I have my laptop and will update on the ride when I can.

See you all soon,



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