Suit Up

So  I had a lovely weekend in Dorset with Em and her family, just relaxing and unwinding.But before I went it would have been rude not to have enjoyed a nice training ride at 7 in the morning! It was a good 30 mile spin and I am glad I got out and enjoyed the lovely weather rather than lazed in bed, it was a great kick start to the weekend. It was my last real chance for the Bath 100 next sunday. I even took a few pics:

Coming into the Shire

What a rubbish view...

Now whilst I enjoy the above views the one below is the one I generally see:

So that was may weekend. Now the best thing about today is its payday! After 5 months I finally have a wage cheque and its going to good use getting equipment for the bike ride. So today I’ve brought the following:

  • Some sunglasses with clipable lenses.
  • Some new cleats as the others are worn out!
  • A pac a mac
  • A camel bac backpack whichI got at a bargain price as it was last seasons colour!

And most importantly this epic cycling jersey as I need to look the part after all:

I think it suits me as i’m always struggling to keep up and struggle to take myself seriously.

So the ride next sunday looks like it will be a toughy, here is the info from the action site:

Slightly modified from the 2011 route to miss out the muddy ‘Roubaix’ section and the crossing of the busy A46. We also climb the White Horse at Westbury this year to make up for the removal of some climbing near the end of the route. Still a very tough ride, just a little cleaner and safer :o) Passing Prior Park, Orchardleigh, King Alfred’s Tower, Stourhead, Longleat, Shear Water, Westbury White Horse, Caen Hill Locks, Spye Park, Lacock Abbey, The Circus and the Royal Crescent. Refreshment stops @ 26, 62 and 90 miles.

Ride Stats…
Actual Distance: 100-miles
Metres Climbed: 1812m
Max Gradient: 14.69%
Average Gradient: 1.29%
Difficulty: 8/10

So i picked a nice easy one for first ride of the season! Still it will be a good tester for the Lejog.

In other news I have been busy sorting out volunteers etc for the 24 Hour match.

Oh I’m not allowed to say why as i’m sworn to secrecy but please all cross your fingers and send positive thoughts to the lovely Em tomorrow please. tah muchly.

Right thats it from me for now, so i’ll be back later in the meantime if you wish  to sponsor me or the rugby boys you can at the links below:




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