Update 07/03/12

Hello all!

Hope you’re all ready for another exciting round of Russ’ updates!

It’s only tuesday and its been an eventful week so better get down to it:


So cycling , I’ve done no actual cycling this week but got a fair bit I can still talk about

Firstly is that I’ve signed up to do the London to Brighton Bike ride in June, which I’m really looking forward to. It’ll be a tough ride but after LEJOG I’m hoping it’ll be a stroll in the park!

The scary thing I realised is I have only 8 Weekends till the Lejog! So in terms of stepping up preparations, I have planned a decent distance ride each weekend, and incresing to two a weekend as I near the departure date. I really need to be clocking up as many miles as possible before I go. I worked out that my average distance a day for 12 days on the ride is 79 miles! SO i need to be not only able to do that distance as a one off but be fit enough to continue to do it!


So I’ve managed to undo some of the weight gain so i’m back to where I was. I’ve now signed up to the gym and have my induction on thursday. So from there i’m hoping my routnine will be as follows:

Monday: Rest Tuesday: Rugby Training – Dowty Wednesday: Rugby training – Shedweb Thursday: Gym Friday: Gym Sat: Rugby/Bike ride Sun: Rugby/bike ride

Hopefully if i can maintain this I will be in good nick for the bike ride and the rugby match after that. Its going to be tough but i am confident I can achieve it.


So we had a very good result for Dowtys at the weekend, coming out 50 – 28 winners against Tewekesbury which gives us a lot to work on and confidence going forward into our biggest game of the season against cheltenham Saracens who are top of the league. I’m looking forward to training tonight and going forward into what should be a great game and way to measure how we are coming along by testing ourselves against Cheltenham Saracens.

On Wednesday we have our shedweb training and hopefully we will have a good turn out again. I’ve put together a good session I hope. The last few years we’ve not really played as a team and thats what I want us to do, to develop a team spirit and ability to play as a cohesive side as thats been our undoing the last few years.


24 Hours of rugby: http://www.justgiving.com/shedweb24hoursofrugby £875.00

Cycling: http://www.justgiving.com/russell-brookes Total so far: £1966.50

So the fundraising is going well and i’m working hard to make sure everything is in place ready for all the events. It feels like organised chaos sometimes but we are getting there with it all.

I’m also investigating the possiblity of another pub quiz after the ride as a sort of welcome home event and another mini sort of raffle to help raise a bit more money so watch this space.

So thats it in a nut shell, its shaping up nicely and hopefully this time in two months with the plans above i’ll be fit and raring to go!


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