Update 01/03/12

Wow its blog time again! That’s come around fast! Lately it feels like I don’t have enough hours in the day and with February creeping by and March commencing in the next few days, everything is fast approaching! We have less than 8 weeks till the Cherrypickers game, 63 days till the LEJOG and 82 days to the 24 Hour rugby match!

Exactly how hard all of this is going to be and how much I have to do is starting to hit me now. I’m working hard to fit everything in and make sure it all gets done and we are starting to get progress on a number of things now. I’m looking forward to the bike ride, if only because I don’t have to stress. I can just worry about getting from point a to point b and not worry about all the behind the scenes stuff that is in need of getting done!

Anyway here’s what’s been going down…

Bike Ride:

So Saturday I went out and did a bike ride from Bristol – Gloucester and back again. It was a lush day and a thoroughly enjoyable ride.  I did 63.04 Miles in about 5 hours and 30 minutes, not including a rest stop at mums! I really enjoyed the challenge of it all and it was good to just get back out on the bike and eat up the miles. I was pretty tired by the end of it, but after a few months of not doing a long distance that was to be expected!

It was a nice long ride, in glorious sun, with a good mix of hills and flat roads, hopefully a good replica of the LEJOG ride and I now cannot wait to get out on the road. This weekend I am hoping I can get out and do a 30 mile or so bike ride.  I do miss getting out on the bike as much, but truth be told i’d rather be working than not!

I’ve also signed up for the Bath 100 on the 1st April now, I really hope that date is not a bad omen! Hopefully chuck in a couple more cycles to Glos and back and I should be in good stead for the LEJOG ride.


Training has been going well of late. Dowty’s training was fun on tuesday and we hopefully have a big game against Tewekesbury 4ths this weekend. They beat us with the last play of the game last time, in a game when we were the better side but we just lacked composure.  We appear to have a good side to field so hopefully it should be a good game.

Shedweb training went really well last night I thought, we had a good number turn up and were able to put on some good run throughs. As this was only our second training session I was really surprised and pleased by the turn out and hope we can keep the numbers up.


Bit annoyed with myself as i put on 3 pounds this week. Which is frustrating given the distance I did on the bike ride. Two training sessions and a bike ride should help, but I now need to be losing weight not putting it back on! So its a case now of doubling my efforts and stepping up the training and healthy eating. This weekend i’m hoping to pop down to the gym and get signed up and get cracking there. Then if i can get down a couple of times a week that will supplement the bike and rugby training i hope. Throw some swimming into that equation and it should really help develop my fitness.


http://www.justgiving.com/shedweb24hoursofrugby current total: £875

http://www.justgiving.com/russell-brookes   Current total: £1866.50

Total so far: £2741.50

So the big news of this week are the designs for the 24 hour match shirts have gone in, now i’m biased as i designed them but i think they look pretty good:

The last one is the refs shirt. They look good eh? All we need now are some nice sponsors on the front. So if you can help out then please get in touch. We have a couple of interests in sponsors but nothing definate so if you know a company that would be interested in sponsoring us, please drop me a line at: cyclingfordad@wordpress.com.

The rest of the fundraising i’m making great strides on, we have a committee meeting next week so hopefully after that I can reveal more information, so watch this space!

A good friend of mine Julie Darwin is doing some half marathons and kindly donating the money to my fundraising appeal. I’ve mentioned Julie on here before and she is an amazing Lady who makes me feel very lazy!


So tonight I’m actually getting to spend some time with Em which is a nice bonus, we’re only going out to cribbs and grabbing some food there but it’ll be nice to have some quality time together. With how busy i’ve been the last few weeks we’ve not had much time together so i am looking forward to it.

Right thats it for now, i’ll be back soon with more, till then have a good one all,



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