Work: Its great to be back working! The first day flew by and I have so much to learn and take on, but it looks an exciting opportunity. I was knackered after the first day but it was worth it and beat sitting around at home with nothing to do! I feel in some ways like I have no idea what is going on, but hopefully at somepoint the penny will drop and I’ll be flying! In the meantime its just good to be back at work and hitting the ground. The week has flown by and think its going to be a challenging job with no real place to hide, but if you work hard it seems there will be a lot of opportunity to progress. So thats what i’ll have to do!


So didn’t make training on tuesday as I settle in at work, this week has left me knackered. I won’t be playing on saturday as something else lined up, more on that below.

However, we are starting Shedweb training on thursday which I cannot wait to get going on. We don’t have long now to the game and have a lot of work to do if we are to make ourselfs a competitive side against the Cherrypickers. Hopefully i’ve picked up a few coaching tips I can bring to the table from Dowtys training which will help! It’ll be good to catch up with everyone and a nice unwind after a busy week.


So cycling in the week is now out the question which puts more pressure on me to get out on the bike a lot at the weekends. So as above I won’t be able to train this week which is annoying but getting out and relaxing is just as important. (so i keep justifying to myself) I am looking into joining a gym as soon as possible and hopefully will get down for a swim sometime this week. I’m being careful with what I eat at work, so as not to undo the good work from the last few months.

On saturday I am planning to cycle from Bristol to Gloucester and back again. This will be a distance of about 65 miles and the longest ride i’ve done in a long time. So it’ll be good prep before the 100 Miler in April and hopefully i can fit another few more goes at this ride before I leave in may.  I’m really looking forward to getting out on the road, the only thing I miss about not working is having the time to get out on my bike, but as it gets lighter it will get better.




Current total: £1,846.50 % of target: 52%



Current total: £850 % of target: 28%

So the fundraising has progress a bit, but I need to find more time to really crack getting some sponsorship etc tied down. Hopefully I can sit down on sunday and send off a load of e-mails etc and get the ball rolling there.


I’ve started reading a book about someone else who has done the Lejog and its proving really useful. Giving me some useful tips on the ride itself as well as insight into what I have to look forward to. It makes me all the more eager to get on the bike and get going on with the ride. Most of all it reminds me to make sure I enjoy it! It’ll be over all to soon and I need to make sure I take in all that I am seeing.

Em is off back to Dorset to see her parents this weekend, whilst I’d love to go, i’ll be staying in Brizzle as it gives me a chance to crack on with fundraising and cycling training.

As much as I like the new office so far, I am working with a lot of Welsh folk; so I really hope England win else the office will be unbearable come Monday! Gloucester are also playing Harlequins in a big game, so i’m being greedy and hoping for wins for Dowty, Gloucester and Harlequins.

Right that’s it i’m writing this just before heading off to training so I better get a shift on! Have a good weekend all, I’ll be back next week with an update on how my Bristol – Gloucester – Bristol bike ride went.


Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” – General George Patton


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