The year starts here…

So today is my last day of unemployment. It will be spent relaxing and preparing for what will be a busy job and a steep learning curve. I am very much looking forward to it and to doing more than sitting around at home stressing. I’ve got everything ready and obviously i’m a bit nervous about it but think that comes from not having worked for a few months. What i’m really looking forward to is the next few months and the excitment of it all. I kinda feel like I have my life back.

So its from this point out I feel my year really begins and it promises to be  a great year. With the weather hopefully getting milder i’ll be aiming to get out on the bike as much as possible, although i’m limited to weekends now i’m working. I hope to join a gym again soon too and to step up improving my all round fitness. Rugby training for the cherry pickers and 24 hour match begins this week and i need to really press on and sure up the fundraising and organising.

The other day I tried a new route on the bike and I loved it. It was a glouriously sunny day, out in the country side on some challenging hills, nice quick roads, listening to music… just one of those days when nothing but the ride mattered and it felt good to be alive. It made me think ahead to the Lejog ride and how I need to enjoy it and take in as much of the experience as i can.

Yesterday we played in a great game of rugby. It was a friendly against Norton which we edged 24-10 and I absolutely loved it. Was a close game and I felt I gave a good solid performance. It was capped off by finding out Gloucester had beaten Bath! After that I had a few drinks with my Brother and some close friends, was just agreat day.

So today consists of nothing more than cooking dinner and playing some playstation. Everything is readyy for tomorrow and the other challenges to come. I don’t expect a lot of downtime in the coming months so I’m going to make the most of it. I have a long way to go to make this year a memorable one but for now I feel good. 🙂


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