Update – 76 Days to go

Thats how many days I have to go until the bike ride and I still have so much to do! Mainly getting fitter! I’d still like to drop another stone before I go and rack up some more mile on the bike. The cold weather has made it a challenge to get out as much as i’d like and now with work starting next week it’ll be tough and limited to weekends really. But hey this is supposed to be a challenge right! With my job situation having taken precedence over the last few weeks i’ve taken my eye off the ball lately, but my eyes are firmly back on the target and i now have a busy few weeks ahead of me.

So this week has been my last week without work and its been great, like a little holiday. Before I had a job, i’d wake up worry that I needed to find a job and spend most of the day looking, or if I didn’t look, feel guilty for not looking. So its been nice to sort a few things out and not have to worry about that. Sadly the week didn’t start great though, as whilst in Gloucester, i was in the pub after the glos game when I got a call from Em to say she’d had another case of her heart beating to fast. So it was a rush back to Bristol and from there, it was decided Em needed to  go back to Dorset and see her family. Whilst the circumstances behind the visit sucked it was nice to escape and see Em’s family.

So this week has seen me sign off the Job seekers allowance which was amazing to do, i felt so chuffed when I left the job centre for (hopefully) the last time. I’m looking forward to starting work next week.

So we now step things up from this point on. On the 1st April I will hopefully be entering a 100 mile bike ride. So from this point on its time to increase the frequency and duration of my bike rides.

Next week sees the start of training for the shedweb match and i can’t wait to get going on with that.

In terms of the 24 hour match, I’ve had the blurb back from Guinness. I have a crack term of legal people working through it to ensure we are complying with the very precise regulations. I have a fair bit to do in terms of planning but things are moving along nicely and can hopefully update more in the next update.

In the meantime, life goes on,my brother has a birthday this weekend and I have a match with Dowtys against Norton. After the cold weather ruled out the last two games i’m looking forward to getting back on the pitch. And the biggest event of the weekend, the west country derby, come on Glos!



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