No this isn’t product placement so don’t worry about that!

So when my birthday came around in October, a friend of mine brought me, among other things a bottle of Budvar. Back then I put it in my fridge and vowed not to drink it till I had found a new job. Yesterday I was finally able to crack open that bad boy.

Yesterday I was offered the job and the acceptance letter has now gone off.  I cannot tell you how relived and excited I am. There has been tears and lots of stressing, but to get that job offer its all been worth it! I feel I’ve learnt so much about myself in these last few months, i’ve been taken to some low points, but i’ve managed to get through them and I am now ready to move on to the next phase of my career.

I start a week monday and cannot wait. Its like nothing i’ve done before, and will have to work hard, get my head down and graft to make a success of it. But isn’t that how every job is? I’m excited for where this can take me in my career.

Now I cannot thank friends and family enough. There have been times when i’ve wanted to feel sorry for myself, but the phone calls, offers of support, pointing out of jobs, piss taking and listening have got me through that. When I was prepared to give up on myself so many others wouldn’t and that’s really quite humbling. I feel that I can carry all that forward into the fundraising and make a success of that.

Mostly though I have to thank Em, she has taken on a mountain of crap through me, throughout all of this. And she never once moaned about it and always told me I’d get there. Her emotional and financial support have been invaluable and I have a lot to pay her back (both emotional and financial) she has  no idea how much I appreciate it.

So what next? Well today and tomorrow I rest! This has left me feeling drained. As with all stress, I’ve kept going through it all but now i’m knackered and need a few days to take it all in. After that I have a week to get ready for the job. And to fundraise. I’ve taken my eye off the ball abit these last few weeks trying to secure a job so need to step up there.

And the ride, I have only 88 days to go and cannot wait! I can embark knowing my future is more settled and just enjoyed riding.

But hopefully thats the last of the career stuff on here and I will have some exciting fundraising stuff soon 🙂


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