The slump

So I was sat here this morning with a sense of frustration at a lot of things. In a few areas thing have not been moving forward as much as I would have liked. I have a big interview on Wednesday and its for a job I really, really want. If I get it, it could be the end to all the unknown, the holding pattern that seems to be my life somewhere. On top of that I have a load of ebay stuff to post, bills to sort and tidying to do. I am also annoyed as the weather has stopped me going out on my bike and as a result my fitness is not improving as quick as i’d like it to.

So I look at the above and feel pretty frustrated. Now earlier, I thought that this was all caused by circumstances I couldn’t control. But I sit here now and realise its me. I’m in a slump.

Now I get these from time to time, I think we all do. A period where before realising it, your pulled into doing very little and just wanting to veg out and not do a lot. This would be fine most of the time, when I don’t have a lot on and can afford to have some down time. But I don’t. Now the difference is, I appear to have picked up on this and can try and snap out of it.

I think whats caused this one, is the last few weeks, I’ve been telling myself I was going to have a big week, this week, its the week where it all comes together, it all slots into place now and I’ll turn the corner on a lot of things. Then it wouldn’t work out quite like that and I think at some point I’ve eased up to protect myself. This is of course rubbish.

I don’t need a big week, things never really work like that. What is going to get everything to come together is hard work, not giving up and continual graft. So today its, get my head down, get prepped for the interview, make a kick ass presentation, have the answers ready, be prepared. Tuesday i’m going to go on a bike ride, a long tough one, it helps focus my mind, keeps it sharpe. The stress and fear melts away when I’m on a bike and I feel ready to take on the world. That will set me up nicely for Wednesday. I’ll go to my interview, i’ll give it my all, then I”ll come home and hit the bike and relax. I’m not going to sit and watch the phone it achives nothing. I have no control from that point on, whatever happens is going to happen, i’ve played my role and its for them to decide.

Then the rest of the week, its going to be knocking the arse out of the fundraising doing everything I can to make sure that moves on and that we keep getting to where we need to be. And keep riding my bike.

After that? who knows. I can only plan so far, but i won’t be slumping again i’ve wasted to much time doing that.


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