An update in bulletpoint form!

I have a pretty strong case of writer’s block, so going to keep this blog simple and easy:

  • Em now appears to have fully recovered from last weeks health scare. This has me very relieved.
  • I played rugby on 3 hours sleep and somehow got man of the match.
  • Sadly we lost said game.
  • I then slept like crap sunday night as I had an interview monday and was nervous.
  • Said interview went very well, but annoyingly still waiting to hear if i got the job.
  • I had a good fundraising meeting tuesday which should help the fundraising come along more.
  • I’ve done very little on the fundraising front this week, which is annoying and i need to get more done.
  • I had another interview wednesday and was very exciting.
  • I have to go back to same place next wednesday and do a presentation and full interview.
  • I’m nervous as it looks an exciting opportunity and really want to do well.
  • I’m very much ready to get back working and do something!
  • The rest of the week has now been about getting ready for the presentation/interview.
  • I have a big rugby match tomorrow against Newent and am praying the weather holds out to let me play!
  • I am then off to see Snow Patrol with Em and am really excited, i’ve been waiting years to see them!
  • My current cycling total for the year is 132.69 Miles. I need to get out more
  • I went out on the bike today and I thought my feet were going to drop off!
  • I love uncharted 3, its an epic game.
  • I’ve watched lots of Americas game, about the NFL, i love american football. My dad used to be an avid fan and i’m really developing an appreciation for it!
  • I’m really nervous about Wednesday!



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