Getting up the hill…

So there goes another week and what a busy one its been! Its not quite been as much progress as I’d have liked but still its progress and next week presents me with some exciting opportunities.

I kinda feel that at the moment if i was out on my bike, I’m currently going up a big hill, and the top is a little off in the distance. Its raining a bit and windy. I’m up in the saddle and driving hard on the peddles, sucking in  any breath of air I can get. However I am making progress, I glance up and the peak of the hill is coming into sight, a bit more effort and i’ll be at the top and once I hit the top, I can sit in the saddle, adjust my gears, collect my breath and enjoy the thrill of a downhill descent.  So yes its been tough and a bloody hard slog in recent months with my career but i’ve learnt a lot from it. This week didn’t bring the opportunities as soon as i would have liked, but I’m just needing to be more patient. To continue the bike ride metaphor its always toughest before your reach the peak of a hill. Next week presents a number of opportunities and who knows what they may led to. I’ll give it my all and see where they’ll take me.

Away from that however things continue to go well. They say money isn’t everything and to some extent they are right, but if i can get enough in to pay the bills then i’ll be delighted! Em continues to be amazing support, helping me out in anyway she can. I’m never allowed to feel sorry for myself to long.

The fundraising is coming along brilliantly. The shedweb lions events continue to take shape and we have raised a quite staggering £765 in just over a month! I’m stunned by this and who knows how much we can raise in the coming months. I’m really excited by the future of these events and cannot wait for things to slot further into place.

This weekend Em is off home to her parents, and i’m off back to the shire for the weekend.  Saturday is another big game for Dowtys a we play All Blues. We had a hell of a game against them earlier in the season with them taking victory from us with the last play of the game . I am really fired up for the match and cannot wait to play. We are missing a few players for various reasons but we still have a strong side. I have my third run out at hooker, I still have a lot to learn about the position but will give it my all. Hopefully while we are playing Glos can build on the performance from last week and reignite their season too.

After this we will be out for a few drinks (Lemonade in my case! the training doesn’t let up and budget won’t allow for anymore.!) Sunday will be spent at my parents relaxing a bit and preparing for a potentially big week in getting a job. I’m not through the door yet, but can definately see one to knock on..

I want to also say a big thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog. I’ve had 402 visits this month alone and and 2,4025 in total. I never though when I started this it would generate that level of interest so thanks for reading!

Have a good weekend whatever you are doing.




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