Update 21/01/12

Ouch. I ache. A lot. As I write this I am sat in my pjs after I had a hot bath, with a cup of tea, writing this blog…n a Saturday! How rock and roll am I?! Gone are the days when I can go on the lash after a game.

Anyway I have a fair bit of updating to do so lets get to it.


Total: 82.98 Miles

So I’m still disappointed with my milage for January and really want to up this! I need to get a better total each week to hit my target. My excuse this week was the cold weather, but if i’m honest with myself thats a pretty piss poor excuse! When i’m out on the bike for the ride, regardless of the weather i’ll need to be peddling away, whether its cold or pissing down so i’ll get out on the bike more from tomorrow promise!


Well the winning run had to come to an end sometime! We lost 19-0 to Cainscross, but the score doesn’t reflect the game. Everyone tackled like Demons today, i’ve not been part of such a great defensive effort from a team. The pride and passion were awesome. I’ve not had so much fun playing rugby for years, its such a great bunch of lads and we have such a laugh and I really feel lucky to be a part of it, so it makes it more annoying that I feel I let them down a bit with my performance today. My tackling is just not good enough and I need to step it up! I will be working hard to do this. I am my own worst critic with rugby, I always feel I never do enough, so need to work hard at getting my game to a place I am happy with. I’d love to work on my pace a bit too and increase my support play in the game. On the plus side I’ve really enjoyed the last two games playing hooker and hope I get a chance to play there more often.I’m looking forward to training tuesday already.


So other than feeling like i’ve been hit by a bus today, the fitness is ticking along nicely and i’m starting to head to the time when it really is upped and focused. I am determined to get to may in the best shape of my life so I can put it all in on the bike ride.


bike ride: £1846.50 http://www.justgiving.com/Russell-Brookes

Shedweb: £440 http://www.justgiving.com/shedweb24hoursofrugby

So the fundraising is ticking along nicely.

I’ll have a big update next week on all the fundraising hopefully, as we may move the 24 hour match back, because its getting massive and we want to make it the best event possible! But its all getting much  bigger than I ever could dream of and I cannot believe the support we are getting!


I’m not going to bore you with jobs anymore as i feel its not what the blog is about and its my issue and has no bearing on the fundraising. I have some promising opportunities and hopefully they may lead to something but lets leave it at that!

Right i’m off to lie down and recover ready for a kick ass week so i’ll leave you with some quotes:

Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared. -Sparky Anderson

It’s what you get from games you lose that is extremely important. -Pat Riley

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. -Steve Prefontaine


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