Update 14/01/11

So as Em is back visiting her parents and i’m sat resting at my parents I thought i’d do a bit of an update. It might take me a while to write this as i’m currently in bits after rugby!


So I’ve not really got out on the bike this week. I’ve had my head down focusing on the job interviews, and not given the training the attention it deserves. From Monday though i’ll be back to it hard clocking up the miles and looking to train harder than I have done. It really is now time to step it up. In truth, its a welcome escape on the bike. I know I  am aiming to be positive about the jobs and stuff, for the most part I think I do manage that. However, when I do have moment of doubt it’s great getting out on the bike, the doubts and worrys melt away and I feel so good. It really is an addictive feeling.


So another hard game of rugby and I ache today.  But the aches are a lot less painful when you win! yes Dowtys are now 2 for 2 in 2012, coming out 29-12 against Cheltenham Civil Service. All that hard work has paid off! I’m so chuffed and please for the lads. It was another good performance, we took our foot of the gas, for a spell and got complecent, but the second half was brilliant.

Today, was a first for me, as it was my first game at Hooker and I enjoyed it. I’ve a hell of a lot to learn playing there, but hope I get a few more runs outs in that position. I thought I carried the ball well, and at one point might have got that elusive try, but didn’t have the legs. I’m much happier getting a win on the board though. Next week will be a big, big test when we play Cainscross. They beat us comfortably earlier in the season and this will be a big yardstick of how far we’ve come as a team.

Sadly today Gloucester bowed out of the European cup, but they put in a great performance and can hold their heads high. If they continue to show that pride, passion and committment i’m sure they can kick on.


So the fitness continues to improve but there is still more to do. Whilst playing rugby i’ve noticed an improvement and can get round the park a lot more, i still want to kick on and improve it that bit more. Most of all i’d kill to develop a yard of pace! hell even half a yard!

So next week its back to getting out on the bike and clocking up the miles. I also want to get some swiming in and maybe a run too. I need to start mixing it up and boosting my fitness with all thats to come. When I get a job I think a gym membership will be needed.


So the fundraising is coming along nicely and i have a couple of people to thank.

Firstly my friends at sugarloaf in Cheltenham, who raffled off Russ the raindeer and raised £212 for Winstons Wish on my behalf. It was a great gesture and a massive thank you to them. The shop is awesome and if your ever in cheltenham you should definately check it out.

The boys are now hard at work, raising money for our rugby match and we’ve already hit £165. If we hit £500 pound we will get a training session with Phil Vickery which would be ace.

My own total is now £1,846.50 which is amazing and thank you all for the support it really is humbling!


So I didn’t get the job thursday either. I had good feedback though, sadly it was another ‘not enough relevant experience.’ I have a promising opportunity that could led to a job in March though. I really want to believe it is going to happen, as it would be an amazing opportunity doing something I know I’d love and can be successful at. I’ve be burned to much of late though to get my hopes up just yet. So its another week, of head down and job hunting.

I’ve had enough of being out of work now, i hate not being able to treat Em, or buy stuff for the flat or go out with mates, cause I have to watch the pennies. This makes me all the more determined though, as soon as I get a job, i’ll have money and my social life back. I know that soon it will pay off. Just like Dowtys if i keep putting the effort in, i’ll get that first victory.

I refused to accept this is a battle I cannot win, no one else seems prepard to give up on me, so i’m not giving up on myself! i’m so grateful to Em, my family and my mates who make sure i stay positive. I really do love you all.


A good friend Ju as had another op and I wish her every success on the recovery. Keep fighting the odds Ju. x

Check out the game of thrones its an amazing read!

I love the new Shins song.

It really is weird having a night away from Em.

I have been trying to be a nicer person as part of the resolutions for the year and it does make such a difference to the mindset!

I feel very content at the moment and optimistic about the future, and when this happens I miss my dad more than ever, as I just wish he could see that we’re all doing ok.

And on that note its bed time, as i’m done in and in bits. Night all enjoy the weekend!




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