Update 02/01/2012


Happy new year!

So I hope you all had a good Christmas Break? I had a great break over Christmas,and other than getting a bit of a cold I feel relaxed and ready to crack on; I even managed to get out on my bike!


So I’ve had a lovely Christmas with Em. Christmas day was spent with her family and it was lovely. It was great to spent it with all the neices and nephews, catch up with her family and just relax. We went out for a walk in the morning which burnt the calories ready for the delicious venison meal her mum put on for us. Then it was just general socializing, a few beers and some board  games. It was lovely and makes me excited about our future.

I had some great pressies, a kindle of Em, which will soon be loaded with books and a nice top. I hada note book pc off mum, which will be useful when I get my next job and also to take on the ride to keep you update. Add in some geeky films, games and clothes and you have a contented Russ.

Boxing day sadly Em had to work, so I went off and had a nice day with my mum, stepdad and brother. It was a lovely day. We had a nice dinner, caught up and then enjoyed the Gloucester game.

New Year was a quiet one, spent at home with Em, have a nice dinner, a few beers and watching crap TV. It was bliss and cannot think of a better way to end the year. It had been an interesting year and now i’m looking forward to kicking on this year.

So all of this has me excited for my future, i needed to unwind and remember what is important in life. Now i’m ready to kick on with the rest of the year, and get things on track.


2011 Total: 1374.43KM

2012 So far: 29.62 Miles

So this will be the last of the old total as from the 1st, eveything counts towards my 5000 mile goal!

Holiday tuesday I got out and clocked up 25 miles on a new route out to Thornbury which I enjoyed. Its a good training route and one I will be using a lot. On Thursday I did the same route .

New Year’s Day saw me get out and clock up my first milage of the new year, and it was good to get started. I want to get out on the bike as much as posible this coming year, 5000 Miles will be a difficult target to hit but one I am determined to equal.

I’ve worked out a few new routes that I want to try out as soon as possible which will hopefully keep me motivated and focused. I also want to do a bike ride to and from my mums in Gloucester at somepoint which would be a distance of 60 odd Miles. It’ll be tough but a good practice for the rides to come.

I’ve also been planning out the rides I want to sign up to. I’ve picked out a variety of rides, some I’ve done done before, others will be a new challenge. I have left room for new ride that have not been announced yet but it has me motivated and looking forward to the summer season of cycling. The first ride I want to do is in April, so I need to keep myself busy in the meantime.



Current total: £1554.82


Rugby Total: £10


So you can see from the above  we’ve had are first donation to the 24 hour rugby match! I’m sure it’ll be the first of many.

The ride total has increased nicely thanks to some generous donations in the last month, and i’ll keep working hard to hit my target.

We have our first sponsor of the 24 Hour Rugby Match! Nutrition X have kindly donated us 10 tubs of energy mix that should help keep me and the lads going through out the game. Its a small but good start. Things are slowly starting to take shape. I have started e-mailing companies and potential sponsors so hopefully I’ll hear something soon. Its going to be hard to get everything in place in time, but I am working hard to make sure everything is in place soon enough for the game.

This week i’ll be contacting even more people and hopefully we’ll start to have things taking shape before the week is out.


So this week sees a welcome return to rugby training tuesday. I’m looking forward to getting back to it, catching up with the lads and getting our season back on track.


When anyone tells me I can’t do anything…I’m just not listening anymore. -Florence Griffith-Joyner

It’s what you get from games you lose that is extremely important. -Pat Riley



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