Update 21/12/11

Right Christmas is very nearly upon us, so I thought i’d chime in with one last blog for the holidays and let you all know that sadly the preparations don’t let up for me during this time!

Anyway i’ve got quite a bit to get through and am sure you all have wine to drink and turkey to eat so i’ll crack on!


So other than the 30 miles I did a few days ago, I’ve not got out on the bike. The reason being is that my shoulder has been a bit sore and the wrist has not quite heeled up so i’ve been taking it easy. Its definately easing though and after boxing day, i’ll be going out for a spin. I feel a bit annoyed at how slack i’ve been but I have to listen to my body and keep it on side, i’m putting it through a lot next year!

In fitness terms, the weight is holding at just under 15 stone and my bmi is maintaining at 29.26. I need to work hard over Christmas to make sure I don’t undo my hard work.

The Ride:

So discover adventure have been in touch with my first newsletter about the ride which has me really excited! I have less than five months to go and its scary to think that in that time, my life will be cycling!

The newsletter did provide me with one bit of scary information though which is that I have to have proof of funds by the 28th Feb 2012! Now this is a howler on my part as I thought I had until April to raise the money!  So i need to raise another £1500 by then else I can’t go on the ride. This can include pledges however, and hopefully with the events we have planned i’ll more than surpass the target.

Now whilst I want to raise as much money as possible my primary concern is to hit the target so I can go on the ride.  This brings me on nicely to…


So the organising for the 24 hour match is utter chaos! Now that doesn’t mean its going badly, its going really well, its just there is so much to do! Everytime I think i’ve sussed out all I need to do I figure out something else that needs doing. However it is shaping up to be an excellent day and hopefully soon I can start giving out some information on what will be taking place!

The other event we are trying to put together is shaping up well too, I cannot reveal anymore than that at this moment but we are 95% there with it!

So if anyone would like to sponsor me as a Christmas present you can do so here:


or for the match:



So sadly on tuesday I found out I didn’t get the other job i went for, but thats ok as i feel i have found some exciting other jobs to go for! Its frustrating but sooner or later i will knock on the right door and get a job. In the meantime, i will keep hunting for jobs, training and fundraising.

So today me and Em had a lovely day. Its been our Christmas day as we are around seeing everyone else the rest of Christmas. Tomorrow we off to Dorset to spend Christmas day with Em’s family, then Boxing day its off to see my family. I’m really looking forward to it, its our first Christmas together and will be awesome.

Right so thats you lot all updated for the time being, whatever you are doing have a great Christmas and i’ll be in touch with events soon!


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