From the town of springfield hes about to hit a chestnut tree…

So another weekend has been and passed and it was a pretty good one.

So saturday was a day of prepping for Will’s birthday and some last minute preparation to get everything ready for the night out, because as usual I’d left it to the last minute to get everything for it. So me and Em spent the morning braving Gloucester town (shudder) to get outfits for the evening. As you can see from the picture below Em pulled out a great effort and mine well it left a bit more to be desired!:

It was a good evening with some of my favourite people in the world and a nice way to welcome in the start of the Christmas period. I was fairly sensible on the beer as I had a day of fitness the next days! It was nice to talk rubbish with mates, vent about things, all the usual shit, that really does make you realise what is important in life.

The next day, I had to head off to see an old school friend Liam Chambers, who is now a fitness trainer and was going to put me through my paces and test my fitness. And he certainly did that. He tells me I did pretty well  and I think he enjoyed making me suffer. We did a variety of tests and some interval training which had me sweating and having to work hard. However none would be as painful as what he was going to put me through next; the plank! I hate the plank, if you’re not aware of it you basically have to adopt the position below:


And hold it for as long as possible? Easy right? wrong! Its so hard, its test you mentally as well as physically. I managed 1 min 12 which is  pretty piss poor and I clearly need to work on my core strength but that was point of doing this. to identify targets. I’m now going to try doing it every day.

After this i had another interval training activity to do; on another nemisis the treadmill! I hate running, it bores me and I suck at it. A friend of mine likes to remind me that i may have lost a lot of weight but gained no pace and hes not wrong.

But I was pleased with how i did. I had to do a minute walking then a minute running till the last minute i was running at 15KPH which is pretty brisk for me. We finished with some ab work, including ball crunches which hurt! Where possible I want to accomodate these into my daily routine.

So it was a good session which I learnt a lot from and can hopefully take forward into my training. I’ll be catching up with Liam in the new year for another session to see if i’ve improved at all. He is also kindly going to put the boys through their paces for the rugby match too and is kindly doing this free of charge.

After this it was a nice relax at home, before a nice evening catching up with a few friends. On the drive home i felt chilled out and commented to Em about how much I needed the weekend.

Now if this was a film, with it being Christmas, today would have ended up being an amazing day. In reality it was a good news/bad news day. Early today I was informed that I hadn’t got one of the jobs I went for. I won’t lie this sucked and I was pretty upset. (I ma hav had a bit of a cry) I don’t do rejection well and got a bit cross, taking it out on Em cause i’m an arse. Luckily for me Em is amazing let me vent and was there to put it all into perspective.

Now I feel fine. Yes its a pain; but the only reason I didn’t get the job was the other candidate had more experience, what can I do about that? Yes i’d love to be working again, but i’m trying hard and my time will come. Things are great elsewhere and one setback doesn’t change that. I have a few good opportunities to pursue so i know i will get there.

In good news, organisation for the charity match. I really can’t say much yet as nothing is confirmed. But I’m grateful to two people who are putting in some great efforts on my behalf to organise some stuff that will really make this event. So I’m putting all my efforts into organising this event, putting the disappointment behind me and makingthis an amazing event.

So the rest of the week its more of the same fundraising,  job hunting and training. None of it is easy and every now and then i get burnt or have my arse kicked. But sooner all later in all of these areas i’ll be crossing the finish line. There may be tears in each of these again but they will be tears of joy I can promise you that.

Have a good week all,




This week the quotes are for Em, for making me realise that none of this will ever beat me. I’m so lucky to have her 🙂

“They were the best years of my life. Its true The suffering shapes you”

“And without your love. I would never have made it. Thats the truth”

“I didnt know it at the time, But its about the journey. You got to appreciate each day. And you were there to help me”


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