Getting back out there

So this week, finally after 3 weeks off the bike I managed to this week get back out on the bike. The weather had finally eased up, the wrist wasn’t has bad and I managed to pull myself away from the fundraising and job hunting. And do you know what. I f**king loved every minute of it. Yes it was cold and when I got home I couldn’t feel my toes, yes my fitness wasn’t as good as it has been due to the break, yes it was painful and i struggled, yes at one point i dropped my phone, yes I forgot to clean my water bottle so my energy drink tasted horrible. But at the end of it I got back having covered a good 33 miles and got back out there.

Before I went out I got Em to take a photo as I was curious. I’ve been trying to get photos taken periodically, to judge my progress as a cyclist. I’m not going to comment on my progress i’ll let you judge for yourself:


So here's how I looked when I did my first ride (BHF 30 miler)


No its not an audition for the village people, its me practicing for safety first!

So no comment on my part on my progress i’ll let you be the judges! The shorts are because my over shorts are trashed after the accident and i’ve not replaced them yet. So its definately good to be back out on the bike and I look forward to my breaks in the weather so I can get out again. Right now though its minging out there, so i’m quite happy with  a brew talking to you guys!

In other news, the fundraising continues to go well. I’ve made some good progress in getting stuff in place for the 24 hour rugby match and so grateful to all the volunteers who’ve come forward so far. I have some promising leads in a number of areas that will really add to the event and i’m confident we’ll be having a great day. As stuff falls into place i will announce more information. A friend is also putting together is annual charity match and is kindly giving some of the proceeds to Winstons Wish. It really is great to have mates come out and support something that means so much to mean. I always worry that i’ll bang on about it all to much, but its only because i’m so excited to be doing this event, if i could go tomorrow i would.

Job wise I’ve not heard back from the two interviews yet, but I hopefully will hear early next week. In the meantime i’ve found a few other exciting positions to apply for, so my glass is slowly topping itself up in this area.

Sunday I’m off to catch up with an old school friend, now i’d love to say this will be over a nice pint. Sadly it will involve him beasting me for 2 hours. For i’m catching up with Liam who is a personal trainer and will be putting me through my paces to see how my fitness is. I’m going to be honest and guess that it’ll be pretty awful and be no where near where it should be at this stage!

It won’t help that the night before is my best mate in the whole worlds birthday and it won’t offend Wills if I say the lad enjoys a beer or twelve! So i may be under the weather the next day, but Liam I promise I’ll (try) not to be sick*

Right i’ll leave it there for now, but whatever your doing have a good one people!

*not a legal binding agreement


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