It started with a phone call

So a few days back I was sat at home, stressing like I always seem to at the minute. I’d just had another visit to the job centre and was having a mental block about my interview. I was also worrying that I was lagging behind on my fundrasing and stressing about a million other things; simply put I was not in a good place mentally. Then I had a phone  call.

Now I am not going to say who this person is; if they are reading this they know who they are. All I want to say to them is thank you. This person is someone I have complete and utter respect for and has been through far tougher times than I in recent year. They were calling to literally give me a kick up the arse and to get my head right then they said some stuff that always makes me uncomfortable; they complimented me! It was along the lines of how much I had going for me and how I did not need to be glum, what ever had been getting me down should not be affecting all the good stuff I had been doing.  And do you know what they were absolutely right. They then laid down a challenge to me, that will help raise a bit more money for the charity kitty, and hopefully by reading this they can see that I am taking the advice on board.

So I got off the phone feeling more positive and took stock and I began to see that one bad aspect should not undermine what has been an amazing year for me. I’ve signed up to do a charity bike ride that a few years ago i would never have done. I’ve got out cycling and its got me fitter than i’ve ever probably been. I’ve dropped over two stone in weight. I attempted to do a bike ride in excess of 100 miles, that was made difficult as my bike was stolen. I had a bike malfuction and a cry about not completing it. But the next week I got back on my bike and rode 100 miles, it hurt like hell, i wanted to cry, i wanted to quit, but i didnt and i did it. I didn’t give up then, so i’m not quitting now. I moved in with my girlfriend, in what has probably been the best decision of my life so far. I have organised a quiz night that raised over £600 for Winston’s Wish, I have raised over £1500 already for my charity drive with more to come.

I’ve seen some of my best friends get married, prepare to become parents,  fall in love, go through pain but get back up and keep fighting.

I took a risk career wise. It didn’t pay off, i made mistakes and lost the job. But you know what? I tried. This time last year I would have never done that. If I had the time back I would do it again. I’ve felt sorry for myself and might have lost myself on the way a littl but some amazing friends, a beautiful girlfriend, a supportive family help me get back and put myself back out there. I realised all of this thanks to a phone call. If that person hadn’t bothered to pick up the phone I would be sat here, shitting myself about my interview and fearing the future. Now I can’t wait.

Now I don’t believe in fate/karma etc. I believe life is what you make it; but a part of that is having a positive attitude. And since that phone call, I’ve slowly started to believe in myself a little bit more, and do you know what some positive things started to happen. Now they are seeds, nothing instantly life changing but if I approach them in the right way they can make a huge difference.

From that I hit the interview prep hard, I’ve put together a pretty decent demostration and I’ve focused and prepared. If I don’t get the job it would be disappointed but not the end of the world, i would just have to keep looking, something will come up. If I get the job i’ve won another battle and I can look forward with excitment to a new step in my career. Either way i’ll be getting out of bed saturday, the world won’t end. After this I had a phone call to say I had another opportunity. Then I went to rugby and put in some hard graft, because my mind was right mentally I put in one of the best training efforts i’ve done for a while. It’ll be the same when I get out on the bike next week. Then I had the news about the fundraising. I’m going to be part of a world record attempt, if we pull it off it will be something I’ll look back on forever with pride. If not for that phone call, i would be crapping myself, now i cannot wait to get stuck in.

If you read this on friday morning, i will currently be in an interview. Thanks to that phone call i’m going in confident. I may not get the job, but I might. All I know is i will have given it my all. So to the person who called me, thank you for helping get my mindset right again.

So to all you out there in the blogverse, have a great weekend, stay positive and in the words of another good mate:

“Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to know that things ARE going to get better.”

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