24 Hours of Rugby: A world record attempt

So I said I’d soon have some exciting news regarding the next crazy fundraising idea and i’m please to say that the time has come! And it has definately been worth the wait as this one is a biggy, it is in fact a world record attempt.

On March 17th 2012 at 11Am, At Hartpury College, myself and 43 other blokes will attempt to break the record for the longest game of rugby ever played! This currently stands at 24 Hours 30 Mins and Six seconds. We are very grateful to Hartpury for holding the event at cost price. All Money raised will go to Winstons Wish and my Cycling for dad event.

Its going to be an absolutely massive effort and i’m a mixture of nerves and excitment about it. The current record can be found here:


The rules are it must be two squads of 22, with rolling subs. You get a 5 minute break for ever hour you play, but other than that it will be full IRB rules.

The majority of the sides will be made up from  Dowty RFC players and Shedweb Lions but if you are interested in playing please contact me.

Its going to be a massive physical ask, so if you want to play you need to ask yourself if you are fit enough. Its no good saying you will play if after 3 hours you drop out cause you cant take it anymore. I’m not saying that to be harsh, but its going to take a massive amount of physical and mental strength to keep going till we break the record.

If you can’t play however you can still play a big part in the record! We will need volunteers lots of volunteers. We need:

1) Witnesses

2) People to film the match

3) Officials

4) Physios

5) Water Carriers

6) First Aid

7) Bucket Shakers

8) Supporters

So if you can help in anyway please do come forward and offer to help.

More details will be forthcoming as things develop. But needless to say i’m buzzing about this at the moment!



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