Getting halfway

So one of the targets I set myself when I decided I would be doing this bike ride, was to be halfway to the £3500 by the new year. Currently i’m £280.68 away from achieving that goal, which in the scheme of things isn’t that much.

I’ve made a decision that for each month i’m out of work i’m going to donate £50 to the charity. Currently I’ve been out of work for 6 Weeks so lets call it £100. That leaves £180.68 to raise by the 31st December. My brother owes £25 quid so that brings it to £155.68 I need to get.

Now i’ve had an amazing year, but the end with the job etc has put a bit of a downer on it, so if i can reach this target it would be amazing and would end the year on a real high. This is where you come in…

I know Christmas is on the way and times are hard for us all but it would mean so much to me, if people could spare even a pound to the charity kitty. And here is an incentive, if i get £205 pounds on my just giving site by 11.59 31st December, in true cycling fashion i’ll wax/have my legs. The significance of £205, its the number of friends i have on facebook! so if each of them gave a pound to the kitty the target would be reached!

So please if you can give anything please, please do at the link below:

I’m also hoping to put together a Christmas quiz and the money raised from this will count towards the total of the leg shaving!

In other news my wrist and shoulder are much better, so hoping to get out on the bike Wednesday. A friend has kindly got me a helmet at a bargain price as can’t risk using the old one again.Found a new route to hopefully try out.

I also have a job interview friday! Its amazing how nervous I get about interviews now. But i hope I can hold it all together, it would be awesome to end the year with a job and be back where I was ready to kick ass in 2012. I’m going to do all i can to get my head down I can this week and prep like hell!


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