Update: 30/11/2011

Right a quick break from job hunting to try and bring you up to speed with whats new in the world of Russ; short answer not a lot. Ok see you later!

Oh your still here? Ok I better do a bit more I suppose.

So i’ve been busy appling for jobs, so many I’m struggling to remember how many i’ve gone for. It’s a mixed bag some of them look really good, other not so much. But now I just want to be working, there is only so much rugby, sci-fi, scrubs and cycling you can watch in a day! So please keep your fingers crossed i’ll start hearing stuff soon. Right so what else has been happening:


Distance since last update: 144 Km

Total: 1293.45 KM

So frustratingly i’ve not done as much riding as i would like. It feels like everytime I plan to do some, something stops me. This week I’ve not done anything because of my wrist and shoulder. They do seem to be getting better although annoyingly i’ve not been sleeping a lot as its the shoulder I lie on when I sleep.

Nothing appears to be broken though thankfully, so i’m waitng for the swelling to go down (oh err!) then I’ll be out on the bike. The time away has made me realise just how much I’m enjoying the cycling, i hate not getting out on the bike and keen to get cracking again. Hopefully by monday i’ll be able to get back out on the bike again.

Until the accident the riding had been going well, I can definately notice an improvement in my fitness and riding ability. When the wrist settles down, i’ll be getting back out there. I’m amazed at how quick the date of departure is creeping up on me, only six months now! I feel really underprepared at the moment so really need to step up the training. The aim next week (injuries permitting) is to do a decent ride each day to start getting used to the repetition i’ll be doing on the actual ride.


So again we lost at the weekend. In true Dowtys fashion, we were short of players which always makes pre match preparation difficult. We started slowly and leaked a few soft tries. But at half time we got it together and scored a good try and made a decent game of it. I probably should have rested the wrist, but my pride meant that was never going to happen. With how shit the last month had been I really wanted to play and i’m glad I did. So I deep heated the crap out of it, taped it up and soldiered on.

I think I played ok. I’m far from a good player at rugby, but what I will do is run myself into the ground. It does not always achieve a lot due to my mediocre talents but at least I come off the pitch knowing I gave my all. I really do wish I was a better player though!

So its a week off rugby now, we have no game saturday and I think my body is glad of the rest. Then the week after we have our first home game in what seems like ages. Itll be a tough game, and i know i always say this, but i really believe if we get a full side out, that has trained hard we can put on a performance. We really are due a good win, so why not then?



Current Total: £1469.50

41% of total

So with 6 months to go we are almost halfway there. Its now time to really step up the fundraising. It would be great to go into the new year with at least half the money raised. I know I fixate on the target a bit, but the simple truth is if i don’t hit the target I don’t go on the ride!

In terms of events its getting very exciting:

  • Hopefully in January we’ll be running some kind of event, just not sure what yet!
  • The annual Cherrypickers game is on the way to being finalised and is always a great day out. Hopefully this event will be on the 28th April, venue TBC. The details on this are nearly finalised so watch this space!
  • The big event is very nearly confirmed and I can then start really pushing it. We just need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s then we will be good to go. All I can say is put the 18th March in your diaries!

I’m actually getting excited just writing about these events and really hope they will come off and that you lot will be as excited as I am!


Home life continues to be great, I love my new flat and living with Em. Its nice to have finally put the long distance element of our relationship behind us and to be able to enjoy each others company all the time. Yes, not having a job frustrates me a lot, and i worry that it will cause us to lose the flat, but i keep that to the back of my mind and concentraton getting a job. Other than that, albeit fairly big aspect of my life, I couldnt be happier with how things are going.

This weekend should bring a welcome escape from the stresses of job hunting. We have two close friends coming up to Bristol then its off to the Vaccines gig. After that its off to Dorset to see Em’s family. I love escaping to the Country, I always feel so at peace their and their is nothing like spending time with the kids to put things into perspective. I hope that one day we can can settle down there and enjoy the country life. Not yet though plenty of life left in me!


As always i’ll leave you with some quotes. This week the quotes  come from Franklin Roosevelt. Now i’m a massive geek of history and FDR is one of my favourite personalities from History and he gave us some great quotes:

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.

It isn’t sufficient just to want – you’ve got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.


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