So after my last blog, i was feeling upbeat. After the last few months of frustration I was looking forward to getting out on my bike and putting all the frustration of the month behind me. So on friday I woke up enthusiastic and ready to go, I had a plan and it was going to be a productive day. I was going to get out on my bike, do a decent ride, come back and fire off a few more job apps, have a quiet night in with the girlfriend and get ready for a good game of rugby saturday. Sadly, it seemed the world had other plans for me.

So I set off on the bike, trying out a different route to the one I normally take. I must have only done about 10 minutes when I came up to a busy roundabout, but it wasn’t any different to how I normally experience. As I went round it, I saw a car go past me, and suddenly cut in, And accelerate. Luckily I saw it in time and hit my brakes; but sadly it wasn’t soon enough and the back wheel hit the back of the car. The bike gave out from under me and I put my hand out intinctively hitting my wrist hard, my shoulder then hit the tarmac and my head took a bump and i skidded out to the outside lane of the roundabout.

I led there for a second a bit shellshocked, as i tried to unclip myself from the peddles. My immediate concern was to get off the road, I looked up to see the car that i’d hit driving off! I managed to get off the rounabout and to the side of the road to check myself over. Apart from a few grazes I seemed to be ok. My wrist hurt like hell, and my shoulder ached a bit but thankfully my head seemed ok. A van driver named Richard thankfully stopped to offer me assistance. He pointed out the car which hit me which at this point was driving round the roundabout! Now this got me angry, ok you were in an accident and were probably shaken up but please stop to see if im ok! take responsibility for your actions. He drove round the roundabout again before finally stopping. I was to shaken up to be angry, but now i am. There was no apology, no taking of responsibility, no concern, nothing. All he said was ‘i’m a little shaken myself!’ Really?? Yes it must have been horrible for you in the safety of your car, when I slammed into the concrete and slide out into a busy roundabout.

So the van driver stayed with me to check I was ok and i was greatful for this. Eventually he went on his way and I phoned Em to let her know what happened. Now up until this point I felt fine and not worried, so brilliantly shock decided to kick in whilst on the phone to my girlfriend! My legs went like jelly and I started to slur my words. So I got off the phone, composed myself and headed home. My wrist was sore, but other than being shaken up I felt ok. I was at this point feeling very sorry for myself too.

When I got home, Em was very concerned for me and did a good job of looking after me. I assured her i was fine to get into town whilst I had a bath and felt sorry for myself.

After this my vision got a bit blurry though, so i called Em back, her mate gave me a lift and it was off to the hospital we went. Thankfully after a check up, it was all clear, my wrist appeared fine just a sprain and no sign of any head injury. I felt fine and risked playing rugby the next day.

Now i’ve finally taken stock of this all. My shoulder is now sore and is going to have a lovely bruise on it. My wrist is nice and swollen now. I’m still not sure exactly what i’ve done to it but think its just a bad sprain. But now its going to be a bit of time off the bike which is frustrating.

Looking back on it, i realise how lucky I was and how much worse it could be. I would also say its one of the scariest things to happen to me. It just came out the blue, one minute i was thinking about how much better i feel on my bike and what i’d do later, the next minute i’m on the floor skidding along with no control of what is happening.

Amazingly the bike doesn’t appear to have a scratch on it, although it’ll need a proper service to check it out. I’ll also need a new helmet, all money I cannot afford at the minute.

I won’t lie at the moment i’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’m just fed up of my bad luck. I’m trying hard to get my life back on track and really didnt need this, but then who does. It could have happened to anyone, its just shitty timing.

It has made me realise though that when ever you go out on a bike WEAR A HELMET! I came away from this pretty uninjured but it could have been a lot worse when i hit my head if i hadn’t.

Oh and when you driving USE YOUR MIRRORS! Cyclist use the road too! we may be a pain in the arse but trust me so are you in your car sometimes!

So now its time to lick my wounds, recover and start again. I’m not going to be sad to see the back of november thats for sure!


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