Update 4/11/11

Wow what a wirlwind the last month has been. I’ve been crazy busy following some fast and furious up heaval in my life, so I’m sorry i’ve not been on blogging like I should. I feel bad for letting the fundraising slip a bit these last few weeks, but all it means is I’ve got to double my efforts from now on.

Anyway lets fill you in on whats been happening….


Distance since last update: 146.45 KM

Total: 1149.45 KM

So the last few weeks now i’m in my new flat, i’ve finally got out on the bike a bit more. I’ve found a nice ride out to Wotton and back, which is 30 plus miles and this is becoming my training run. It has a good mix, some nice hills, good straights and tough climbs. I’d missed getting out on the bike and its such a great way to relief stress and unwind from lifes trials and tribulations.
Now the winter is here, i’ve gone into a holding pattern, with few rides around to sign upto. I need to stay motivated throughout this period and not let the weather keep me off the bike. I cannot wait for may now i’m really eager to get out on the bike and see the country.

Fitness: So I now have a bmi of 29.43 and weigh in at 15 Stone 1 Pound. I’m really chuffed with how the fitness is coming on, especially as it feels like I’ve not done much in the way of exercise of late.
I still would like to lose at least another stone before the ride though so i’m not getting complacent and will keep on puhing on to get there. I’m trying hard to eat much more healthily and living with Em has  made it much easier as she seems to know exactly when i’m tempted by a chocolate bar and shouts at me. Its like she can read my mind!

Home: So this weekend, saw me and a bunch of mates have a weekend away in Exeter. Before I talk about the weekend i’d like to pass out my condolences to the families of anyone caught up in the M5 tragedy. Its was truely horrible and sombering to see what happened as we travelled down.

So we went to Exeter to watch the Glos game and for a night on the town. The theme of the weekend was kids tv and this is the understated costume I had:

I loved the costume, its so liberating when no one knows who you are! The game itself was great to watch having a few beers with my mates and girlfriend. Everyone look awesome and the evening was such fun although I was suffering the next day!

I’m really lucky to have such a great girlfriend and bunch of mates. It was a really top weekend and one i’ll remember fondly for a long long time.


So on sunday we had a shedweb lions match, against props, a charity team from Bristol:

Shedweb lost 62-24 but the game was such an entertaining one. The boys played brilliantly and should all be proud of their efforts. We were sluggish to start (i’m sure the hangovers didn’t help!) but once we kept it in the forwards a bit then gave it out to the backs after a few phases we started to look a halfway decent side. We scored some great tries and raised another £90 quid for Winston’s Wish so all in all it was a great day and top way to cap off the weekend.


Current total: £1,454.82

So as you can see from above the total is now a fantastic amount. I’m chuffed to see it moving along so well. I feel really motivated to keep it kicking on. Hopefully this time next week i’ll be able to make a really exciting announcement about an event, but just need to wait for a few things to be finalised to confirm it all.

So that should bring you all back up to speed and with the internet back up and running i’ll make more of an effort to keep the blog up to date and interesting!

Have a good one peeps!


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