On turning 30

Editors comment: sorry for my lack of updates of late, my life has been utterly manic and stress of late. I will have the internet back up and running from next tuesday hopefully so will up date on my dull life then! in the mean time here are my latest musings.

So today is the day I turned 30. And truth be told I don’t feel any different to when I was 29. My hair hasn’t suddenly turned grey and I’ve suddenly not had my back seise up!

However, it has made me take stock of the last year and see how i’ve progressed. Now i’ve had some ups and downs, some good times and some bad. I’ve had a lot of upheaval workwise and still a lot to work on in this area to get to where i want to be. However, in other areas of my life I feel like i can be proud of what i’ve accomplished.

If you told me this time last year I would be in training to cycle the length of the country i’d have laughed at you! Yet here I am. And i’m loving every minute of it. This time last year i’d have not spent my birthday planning the bike ride i’m going to do for training the next day. I’m cycling to Wotton tomorrow and i’m more excited about that, than the fact i’m a year older!

In the last year i’ve got fitter than I’ve ever been. Today i weighed myself and i’m down to 29.73; i’ve hit the target BMI i need to be to not have a health check to go on the ride.  I am now merely over weigh and not obese! I still have a long way to go and I have a lot of work to do to get to where I want to be, but i’m heading in the right direction.

The other acheivements of this year are:

  • Passing my driving test and buying a car.
  • I’ve made it to a fourth year of my relationship with Em and honestly I think I love her more with every year. Its been tough for us at times this year, but she’s always been the first to push me on and support me. She never doubts me when I’m the first to doubt myself.I love her so much.
  • I’ve organised a charity rugby match and pub quiz.
  • I have moved in with my girlfriend and am so excited about our future together.

I’d never have thought any of this was possible this time last year but here I am. I have my faults yes and made mistakes this year and all being well I will learn from them. That is always my goal and what drives us as humans; to better ourselves. So this time next year I hope to be sat at my desk, pondering  the year from 30-31 and smiling as I recall a successful ride and look forward to many more.



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