So I’m writing this on my phone how modern of me!

I’m currently stood on a platform at Bristol Parkway awaiting a train to London for a conference and I’m fucking fuming. Work brought me a train ticket but I’ve had to go to a different station. My ticket therefore is invalid and cost me £84.50! It would have been less painful to have been punched in the face!

In addition the train is 12 mins late as they were awaiting a member of the crew! So some fucker was late to work. He can pay my train fair then! In fairneass I should have checked about the ticket but it’s a been one of those manic weeks!

No wonder people don’t use public transport. On top of this I have a crappy cold and an knackered!

Anyway I’m sure the two people that read this aren’t doing it to hear me moan! So let’s get down to the update, its a long one….


Distance since last update: 56km
Total: 1003km

So I’ve now covered over a 1000km. I should be pleased about this but the cycling has been really frustrating of late.

I just can’t seem to find time to get out on my bike, the lack of saddle time is begining to get me down and I’m worried it will effect my preparation for the ride.

I’m supposed to be doing a 100 miler this weekend but not sure I can make that due to potentially moving.

Now I’m sure things will be better when I move but its just been such a drawn out process due to the letting agents messing us around with dates etc.

I’m going to have to stop making excuses though and just get on with it. I need to find time to get out on my bike. No one said it would be easy so I just need to get on with it.


This weekend was another frustrating rugby game, losing to smiths 105 – 28. I’ve never been so angry after a rugby game. We were 21-0 up after 15 mins, so smiths borrowed a load of cheltenham players who were 10 leagues above us. We were outclassed then. Its so unfair when this happens. But the lads will use this anger. I feel good about are squad, we are a young good bunch and its only a matter of time before we turn things around.

My fitness continues to improve but I need to get out training more. I’m working hard at work which means I’ve less time to train but I will find the time to do more!


I’m grateful to my parents for putting me and Em up but I cannot wait to move into our own place. If its not this weekend it will definitely be the weekend after. I’m someone who likes routine and my life feels unstructured at the minute. I cannot wait to get settled with em and get cracking on the next exciting phase of my life!

Work: still busy, stressful but fun! I wouldn’t swap it!

Fundraising: watch this space for some announcements next week hopefully!



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